3 Kings

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3 Kings gets its name from its 3 parent strains, which are undoubtedly amongst the most popular marijuana strains in the world: Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush. A 70/30 sativa dominant hybrid, most smokers tend to like this strain because it effects an impressive high and is very good at relieving stress and a wide range of other conditions.  

With an aroma of sour-diesel with a hint of citrus, this strain is followed by a nice, crisp diesel taste with a hint of lemon and is used for treating gastrointestinal problems such as nausea and lack of appetite, mild and chronic pains including cramps, migraines and other headaches and inflammation, and stress and anxiety disorders including depression and insomnia. 

THC Level 14-24%
Plant Height 72 inches
Stretch Percentage N/A
Plant characteristics Bright green buds covered in light brown hairs and lots of visible frosty trichomes. 
Typical Yield 17-21oz/m2 (indoor) / 24oz/plant (outdoor)
Flowering Time 9-10 weeks (indoor) / Mid to late October (outdoor)
Growth difficulty Moderate

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