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Cloning Sativas
Sativa strains (and sativa-dominant hybrids) are popular among growers given their ease of cloning. Many sativa strains can flourish without needing a rooting hormone, but that’s not to say there aren’t sativa strains out there which will require your extra attention and care.

Home growers in particular should consider sativas given their lower yields. The sativa strain can endure heat better than any other strain, making them an excellent choice for your indoor garden.

Rooting Times:
Sativa clones typically will root faster than their indica counterparts. Though many factors will impact the rooting time (including grower skill), you can expect to seer growth within 5 days of cutting and developed roots that are ready to be planted in 11 – 13 days.


  • Flowering Time: Extended flowering time
  • Yield: Lower yields compared to indica strains
  • General characteristics: tall and skinny plants with thin leaves, lighter shade of green
  • Effects: Increases creativity and focus, increases serotonin, decreases anxiety