Larry OG

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Originally from Orange County, Larry OG is a combination of OG Kush and SFV OG. This Indica dominant variant of the infamous OG family is quite a potent smoke, which effects an intense body-high, but tends to be all about happiness, satisfaction, and pure contentment.

Also known as Lemon Larry because of its distinctly citrus aroma, as well as its lemon-like taste, Larry OG has exceptionally soothing effects and its Indica body-high is great for reducing body pain as well as helping patients cope with anxiety. It’s appetizing scent and flavor also makes it a munchie-inducing strain and hence, typically great for patients looking for a boost in their appetite.

THC Level Above 24%
Plant Height More than 80 inches
Stretch Percentage 100-200%
Plant characteristics Dense, mildly sticky nugs that are pale green in color and are covered with dark, burnt orange-red colored hairs that are longer than average.
Typical Yield 3-6oz/ft2 (indoor) / 16oz/plant (outdoor)
Flowering Time 7-9 weeks (indoor) / early to mid-October (outdoor)
Growth difficulty Easy to moderate

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