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OG Overview
Because of OG strains high resale value and their high THC levels, it’s no wonder their clones are in high demand. While there are many OG’s on the market that yield a big nose, gassy bud, most derive from OG Kush (you could call it the OG of OGs).

There are a lot of questions surrounding the origins of OG Kush. Does it stand for “Original Gangster” or “Ocean Grown”?  Are it’s genetics made up of Chemdawg and Hindu Kush? Despite these unknowns, OG Kush is still considered one of the most well-known cannabis strains, and its popularity is specifically referenced in pop culture. One thing not up for debate is the potency of OG Kush, with THC levels consistency between 20% – 25%.

The popularity of this “brand” in the marketplace along with its high potency are likely why so many relatives of OG have come to life in recent years (SFV OG, Fire OG, True OG and many more).

Growing OG’s
OG’s can be grown both indoors and outdoors, though indoors are considered easier because the plants are shorter in nature (they’ll grow anywhere between 2 – 3.5 feet). Should you choose to grow outdoors, though, it is recommended that the temperature stays consistently around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Though each OG will have a unique growing experience, it’s worth noting that OG Kush grown indoors can flower in 9 weeks.  You can use that as a benchmark.

As with many rewards come risk, and in the case of OG Kush that risk is its susceptibility to diseases.  In particular, bugs, mites & powdery mildew. Grow with care and a watchful eye.