Cheesecake is a 70/30 indica dominant hybrid cross between girl scout candy and confidential cheese strains, known for its strong cheesy aroma and powerful THC content. Cheesecake delivers a robust, heavy stone effect, making it a perfect way to end a day as real cheesecake is a way to conclude a meal.

In addition to the earthy and musky aromas of cheese, Cheesecake has a hint of sweet candy and medically, this strain is excellent for treating anxiety disorders, stress, and pain.

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THC Level High
Plant Height 30-80 inches
Stretch Percentage 100-200%
Plant characteristics The buds are thick and dense, are covered in a thick layer of trichomes and attractive red hairs.
Typical Yield 14-17oz/m2 (indoor)
Flowering Time 6-9 weeks (indoor) / Beginning of September (outdoor)
Growth difficulty Easy

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