9 Pound Hammer

A heavy-hitter, the 9 Pound Hammer packs a serious punch and hits the nail on the head. This strain is a potent, 80% indica dominant, three-way  cross hybrid of GooBerry, Hells OG and Jack the Ripper.

The melon and grape smell of this strain will attract you like a magnet and its sedative, almost narcotic properties can relieve conditions such as chronic pain due to injury or illness, stress, insomnia, and eye pressure. 

Growers selling this strain:

THC Level 18-23%
Plant Height 30-78 inches
Stretch Percentage N/A
Plant characteristics Dense, bright neon green buds with dark forest green undertones that are coated in particularly sticky resin
Typical Yield 13oz/m2 (indoor) / 16oz/plant (outdoor)
Flowering Time 7-9 weeks (indoor) / Late September to early October (outdoor)
Growth difficulty Easy

Popular in: San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Santa Rosa, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Riverside, High Desert

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