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Cloning Indicas
Compared to their sativa counterpart, indica strains (and indica-dominant hybrids) require more attention and work to start seeing roots. This why some growers use a rooting hormone. This isn’t to say cloning indicas shouldn’t be considered, just be prepared to provide a little extra TLC and to reap the rewards.

The hard work of growing indicas have their benefits.  Shorter flowering time and higher yields make it worth your efforts.  Because of the faster flowering time, indicas can also flourish outdoors and hey can withstand climates where the change from fall to winter happens quicker than expected.

Indicas aren’t only for the outdoor grower. The plant’s shorter stature makes them ideal for the indoor grower with limited space.

Rooting Times:
When following best practices, expect to see new roots form within 12 – 16 days after the first cut. Some strains could take up to 20 days after first cut, but keep in mind that when eclipsing the 21 day mark from the first cut, the survival of your cuttings can be put in jeopardy. In the event you experience this, it is advised to take new cuttings and start from the beginning.


  • Flowering Time: Shorter compared to sativas
  • Yield: Higher compared to sativas
  • General Characteristics: Short, bushy, wide leaves, darker shade of green
  • Effects: Increases muscle and mental relaxation, increases dopamine, decreases acute pain