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Cloning Hybrids

Hybrid strains, as the name implies, are a hybrid of both sativa and indica strains. Within this category of strain, there are 3 subcategories: indica dominant, sativa-dominant and 50/50 hybrids. Typically, a hybrid will lean more toward one side of the spectrum of sativa vs indica when it comes to its dominant traits.

Because of their mixed genetics, hybrids can take on many different types of characteristics and effects depending on the lineage of the sativa and indica strains used for that particular hybrid. They can be used any time of day, but the user should always be aware of the dominant traits for that particular plant.

Rooting Times

In some cases, hybrids can have shorter flowering time and high yield similar to indicas all while taking on the quicker vegetative growth of sativas.


  • Flowering Time: Varies, but shorter than pure sativas
  • Yield: Typically (but not always) high-yielding
  • General Characteristics: Varies based on genetics
  • Effects: Varies based on genetics, but can alleviate depression, headaches & stress