Growing Hemp Clones for CBD

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If you’re looking to become part of the rapidly growing CBD industry, you have two choices: You can grow marijuana plants with high cannabidiol (CBD) and low THC, or you can grow hemp plants, or you can start with hemp seeds.

In general both plants are very similar and come from the same cannabis family. Both possess the CBD cannabinoid that has become wildly popular for its health benefits. And of course, both marijuana and hemp plants can be cloned.

However, where they are different are the following:

  1. Hemp plants always have .3% or less of the THC cannbinoid. Marijuana plants can genetically designed for .3% THC or less, but not every marijuana plant has this THC level (the way that every hemp plant does).
  2. The laws for growing hemp plants are different compared to growing marijuana plants (even if they are high cannabidiol and less than .3% in THC).

Much like the marijuana cloners in our marketplace, Clone Connect has done the same level of vetting to ensure that our cultivators selling hemp clones offer quality plants and professional service.

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