Gelato 45

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Gelato #45 is a cross between the Thin Mint phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. Although the #33 phenotype of Gelato is more popular, Cookie Fam Genetics from the Bay Area of California created Gelato #45 as a unique potent strain which has the highest THC content of all other Gelato strains available.

An excellent hybrid strain with a sweet and earthy smell and taste, it’s great to get you going for the day or to make you productive. Its effects can leave you with bouts of laughter and erase pain and tension, and is a great choice for the treatment of anxiety and depression, with an added benefit of numbing mild to moderate pains.

THC Level 26.7%
Plant Height Medium
Stretch Percentage NA
Plant characteristics Bright orange pistils with sparkling white resin coats the deep purple hues of its small dark green to purple buds.
Typical Yield Average (indoor and outdoor)
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks (indoor) / early to mid-October (outdoor)
Growth difficulty Difficult

Popular in: SacramentoLos AngelesLos OlivosBuellton

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