Cannabis Clones for Sale in Sacramento

Listed below are the growers that sell cannabis clones in Sacramento. Simply click on their names to view their ratings and reviews and to browse their strain menus.

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Rules on Personal Use Cultivation in Sacramento:

Personal use cultivation can vary between the city of Sacramento and Sacramento County. While all cities in Sacramento County ban growing cannabis outdoors, residents can grow indoors for personal use.  Note, it has to be a personal residence where you are growing.

Just how much can you grow? Sacramento County allows no more than 9 marijuana plants, where the city of Sacramento allows no more than 6.  For more information about recreational growing quantities in surrounding cities, please visit the SacLaw website.

Beyond quantities, there are more rules and regulations you should be aware. For example, in the city of Sacramento all growing has to take place in a single room of your residential space.  Beyond that, your grow equipment (think lights, air filtration systems) have to comply with both city building and fire prevention codes. For more on these regulations, visit the Sacramento City Code website. For more on the Sacramento County code, click here.

Is Sacramento A Cannabis Friendly City?

Despite city council voting to limit cannabis business in the southeast part of the city (where there is the highest concentration of industrial property), Sacramento remains considered cannabis-friendly.  In fact, the 2018 California Cannabis Cup will be hosted by Sacramento.

City Codes to Know

If you plan to grow cannabis in Sacramento, it would be wise to read up on Titles 5, 8 and 17, the city codes that address marijuana. Visit the City of Sacramento website to read the titles in full length.