Where to Buy Clones for Sale in Los Angeles

Listed below are the growers that sell cannabis clones in Los Angeles. Simply click on their names to view their ratings and reviews and to browse their strain menus.

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    5.00 out of 5
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Rules on Personal Use Cultivation in Los Angeles:

Within the county of Los Angeles, personal cultivation is allowed in single family residences and detached residential condominium projects. You can grow your clones both indoors and outdoors, and a maximum of six plants may be grown per dwelling unit (though be sure to check the differences for single family versus condos).

If growing your clones outdoors, there are also other laws that apply to keep in mind. For instance, your cannabis cultivation must be secured within a six foot high solid fence, and the plants may not exceed six feet in height. For more information and specifics on rules and regulations, visit the LA County website, which also includes a visual graph.

Is Los Angeles A Cannabis Friendly City?

Considering that there are hotels offering marijuana in snack-filled vending machines, LA could be considered cannabis friendly.  Though the city didn’t trail blaze recreational cannabis sales early on, Los Angeles has well caught up and has become the largest legal cannabis market and a destination for tourists seeking to incorporate such experience into their travel.  More and more, restaurants are popping up to offer CBD and THC infused cocktails, meals and desserts.

Looking to get into retail?

If you’re not just looking to recreationally grow clones into your own plants for personal use, and you plan to start a business, visit the City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation website. The website will educate you how to abide by the laws when opening and operating your business. For example, you can only sell six immature cannabis plants a day to a single adult-use cannabis customer.