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Breaking the Broker Market of Smokable Flowers

Anyone in the cannabis space knows that the biomass market is full of hoarders.  Most of the people you’ll talk to who claim to have biomass do not have it directly in their possession and are not directly connected to the farm.

Because Clone Connect is a network of vetted seed and clone suppliers, we have direct access to high quality, organic Smokable Flowers from our farms and from those buyers that purchased from our network in 2019.

Wholesale Smokable Flowers For Sale

Clone Connect has been vetting cultivators for 3 years. We only partner with those farmers who are licensed, professional and provide high quality, high CBD hemp.  Because our business is built on providing our customers with the top hemp clones and seeds, it should come as no surprise that the biomass that these plants produce is of that same high quality and above industry average CBD percentage.

Please call us at 1-858-342-8686 for specific questions you may have.

What is CBD Hemp Smokable Flowers?

Biomass is non-plant food matter, and by definition is “organic matter used as fuel.” In hemp, it is the dried plant material that can be used to process CBD oil and extracts. Because of the surging demand in CBD products (and the updated 2018 Farm Bill), hemp processors are in need of biomass supply.  Thus, many farmers are entering the market to grow hemp specifically to sell this biomass.

On average, 1 hemp plant can yield about 1 pound of biomass.  However, depending on conditions and experience of the grower, that number can reach up to 1.5 – 2 pounds per plant. The market value of CBD hemp biomass is currently around $3.50 per percentage of CBD.  Meaning, if your hemp biomass tests at 10% CBD, you can sell 1 pound for $35.

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