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As with the hemp clone cultivators in our network, Clone Connect has done the same level of vetting to ensure that our cultivators selling hemp seeds offer quality, high CBD percentage seeds to go along with professional services.

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Looking for Futures Orders? Our Hemp Futures page will provide you more information on how to reserve your seed, biomass, isolate & distillate available October 2019.

Looking to purchase CBD Hemp Biomass, CBD Distillate and/or CBD Isolate right now? For those with immediate needs, please fill out this order form with your specific needs/quantities, and our team will contact you to discuss current inventory.

Current CBD Hemp Seeds & Clones Available for Sale

Our inventory changes, so please check with us via the inquiry form. Currently our inventory is as follows:


Additional Hemp Services Provided

Clone Connect understands that entering into the hemp CBD market can be both exciting but also overwhelming with the unknown that could follow. Beyond providing you with the best hemp clones and seeds on the market, we’re also here to guide you every step of the way. Our services include:

  1. Understanding ROI is critical. We’ll walk you through what to expect when it comes to your investment and the expected yield based on the CBD percentage of the cultivar you select.
  2. Our farms care about your grow. If needed, they’ll travel to your operations to ensure your off to the right start so you get the highest yield possible.
  3. The contracts put in place will guarantee your hemp is less than .3% THC and that the CBD % falls into a specific agreed upon number.
  4. Our network expands to manufacturers, meaning we can help you sell your biomass if/when needed.


More About Hemp Seeds for CBD

CBD is a rapidly emerging product stemming from the cannabis industry because of the number of health benefits it can offer and it’s legal acceptance across the country. And in order to meet its growing demand, more and more cultivators are looking to enter the market by starting with hemp seeds to cultivate into biomass that can be used to create CBD.

If you do decide to go the route of hemp seeds instead of clones, we won’t be offended (you know, we’re named Clone Connect for a reason) and we still want to ensure you get seeds that you can trust.  Too many companies will promise feminized seeds, only to toss in male seeds to stretch their supply and sell to more buyers. Luckily, Clone Connect has vetted farms that supply hemp seeds and we are confident that their product is just what you need to start growing healthy, high-yielding CBD plants.

Clone Connect is a Proud Member of the National Hemp Association

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