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Listed below are the available hemp flower products for sale.  We do our best to keep our inventory updated as accurately as possible on the website, but with so many people entering this burgeoning market sometimes it’s tough to keep up.

So, review what’s currently available below, and then fill out an inquiry form with your product of interest, the amount you’re looking to purchase, and the price you are willing to pay. Our hemp marketplace is a bidding system, so send us your best offer and we’ll reach out to discuss next steps with you.


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What is Hemp Flower?

You’ll find that there are many different end-user CBD products in today’s marketplace, but that doesn’t necessarily make them all equal. Some of these products are CBD isolate, where the CBD is extracted from the plant. Other products are known include “full spectrum” CBD,  including the entire cannabinoid profile of the plant.

Some users will argue that full-spectrum (or “whole plant”) CBD products are more effective because the inclusion of all cannabinoids (low-level THC, terpenes, CBG, etc.) actually enhances the effect that the CBD will have on the user. This is known as the “entourage effect.”

Much like it’s marijuana family member, you can smoke hemp flower. Although not as common of a use to the CBD topicals, tinctures and edibles, there are many users that enjoy the aesthetics of smoking the plant (without getting high) to get the full-spectrum effect.  It is also a preferred method by some users because smoking the flower is the quickest way to feel the CBD’s effects in the body.

And, just like marijuana, you can purchase these flowers/buds and roll them up with your preferred papers or place them directly in your favorite pipe. As such, the hemp flower marketplace is rapidly expanding as more companies are looking to offer yet another type of end-user product for their customers.

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