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Looking to purchase bulk CBD Isolate for wholesale? Our trusted CBD Isolate partners create 99.7+% bulk CBD Isolate, ideal for manufacturing CBD isolate products.

Bulk CBD Isolate for Sale

CBD isolate consumers need to be assured that the products they purchase contain absolutely no THC whatsoever. Anyone can promise purity, but only Clone Connect is willing to stake its reputation on that promise. As our mission is to establish and promote ethical standards for transparency and quality-control, we take our vetting process very seriously.

When you buy wholesale CBD isolate from a vetted Clone Connect grower, you are tapping into an elite network of handpicked growers that we have personally selected for their ethical character and ability to meet our strict internal guidelines. All growers in the Clone Connect network are subject to regular audits to ensure ongoing compliance. 

All Clone Connect growers are further required to meet existing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, and are required to maintain these standards continually in order to remain members in good standing. 

Our bulk cbd isolate shipments are produced exclusively from domestic yields, and each batch ships with a certificate of analysis from a trusted, high-quality, independent laboratory to ensure bulk cbd isolate powder is 100% pure cannabidiol with no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavinoids in its analytical profile.

Our growers use both CO2 and ethanol extraction methods, as these are the two most accurate means presently known for isolating the CBD cannabinoid.
Visit our website to learn more about the differences between full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate-based products.

How to Buy Bulk CBD Isolate

The best way to buy wholesale CBD isolate online is to obtain it through a fitted manufacturer with a proven track record of delivering pure, high quality product. Clone Connect finds these options for you. 

CBD Isolate Wholesale Prices

The wholesale market for CBD isolate is still very new, and many factors can influence pricing on a monthly — sometimes weekly — basis. Industry reports are available to review, but do note that pricing changes frequently. Please contact us for more information on how to get the best quote under prevailing market conditions. 

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