Selling the End-Product

Clone Connect has been a top three searched for Cannabis CBD Hemp Site for 3+ years. Clone Connect has an extremely vast network of buyers for all cbd hemp product categories due to their combined 15+ years in digital marketing with 5 specifically in Cannabis. Clone Connect used their internet presence to get in with what we know is the best vendor in the hemp industry due to many interviews and testimonials. We control supply and demand on both ends by ranking for selling the end-product.

Our Partner Program

  • Industry-leading feminized hemp seeds, seedlings & clones that are high CBD and delivered directly from the farm the created the genetics 8 years ago.
  • Experience consultants that, if needed, will stay on-site your entire grow to proactively stay ahead of risk and ensure contractually agreed upon harvest success metrics
  • An established, vetted network of buyers ready to purchase your end-product