Hemp ClonesThe Wife CBD Clones


The Wife strain of industrial hemp has some of the highest CBD content of all hemp plants that we’ve tested.

This hybrid strain boasts high teen percentages of CBD, if you’re in a delta 9 state. which makes it one of our top sales in clone production.



Market Price:

$2.50 to $4, depending on quantity ordered


Those of us in total THC states can still expect about a 30:1 ratio. Because our The Wife hemp clones are produced from stable mother stock, you will get consistent CBD production from your fields. This plant, bred as a balanced Indica/Sativa cultivar (50/50), produces rich buds with a cherry flavor.

The Wife is our most pest-resistant variety and suffers very little worm damage during the flower cycle. The Wife is also a high-yielding selection, with large colas and ample self-supporting structure. It has lovely lime green buds and and a rich terpene profile.

Our The Wife hemp clones are ideal for farmers looking for a hemp plant that is high in CBD content and low in THC. Because The Wife is a larger plant, you’ll see success by planting the clones 4 to 5 feet on center and topping plants early in the year, to promote maximum yield per acre.