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As buyers around the industry look to navigate the 2020 growing season, CBG has become a hot topic.

The new laws around total THC (rather than just Delta9 THC being measured) have rendered many genetics companies obsolete, and many “legacy” CBD cultivars are no longer viable.

Enter Matterhorn!



Market Price:

* 1000 Minimum Order

Flat Rate $1.00 per seed


Field trialed for two years in Europe and released in conjuction with Swiss Cannabinoid, our partners have brought a stable, beautiful CBG cultivar to a hungry market.

Matterhorn has quickly developed a reputation as one of the reliable CBG strains out on the market, and as anyone who’s been in this hemp game can tell you, reliability means a LOT.

Genetics are the foundation of your hemp grow. If you’re looking for a high-CBG industrial hemp product, Matterhorn is a great bet. Give us a call or fill out a form today to learn more.

Amount: We suggest around 2,000 plants per acre for early June field plantings and 3,000 per acre for early July field plantings.

If you need help with ensuring a maximum yield, please contact us and a Hemp Consultant will walk you through it.