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Goliath™ is certified by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association. Certified seeds demonstrate genetic purity and varietal identity–learn more about Hemp Seed Certification.



* 1000 Minimum Order
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Extremely vigorous plant which can grow taller than 12 feet, with very dense buds with a powerful lemon/peach terpene profile.

The Goliath™ strain produces a high CBD and low THC varietal. It was developed over a five-year period, utilizing a wild hemp variety with a stable high CBD variety SCBDX 1.


Goliath™ is a hardy and stable pest-resistant strain suitable for windy colder climates, featuring a uniform flower canopy for easier harvesting. This particular strain has been tested at multiple sites between 37 degrees N and 48 degrees N and has flourished everywhere it has been trialed.

If you need help with ensuring a maximum yield, please contact us and a Hemp Consultant will walk you through it.


Recommended seeds per acre: 2,500 or 3000 if planted as late as July
Yield per plant: Up to 7.5lbs
Germination Rate: 99%
Feminization Rate: 99.9%
CBG: 2%
CBD: Medium / High
CBC: 1%
Total THC: Compliant when harvested correctly, you must test THC levels
Plant life/turn time: 5-6 months
Recommended planting date: In most environments late May or early June in the field, but could vary from location

Date plant will begin flowering: July through to early September (will vary due to location)
Flowering time: 7-8 weeks but must monitor THC levels

Recommended harvest date: 5 weeks after the first flower
Start in greenhouse: 3- 4 weeks prior to desired field planting date