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It’s safe to say rolling up a Bamm-Bamm club of Fruity Pebbles is a foolproof way to start any morning!

These chunky nugs of green and golden orange will send you rocketing up into an energetic yet cerebral adventure.

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Fruity Pebbles Premium CBD Flower

Best appreciated in the daytime, this sativa-dominant strain animates an invigorated and delightful experience. 

Paying homage to its name, its fruity and tropical flavors inundate your taste buds with an onslaught of tang, among notes of berry and citrus.

Being the love child of a diverse triad of distinctive cultivars, its lively and glistening colors are as vivacious as its aromas.

If you want a little pep in your step, look no further! Fruity Pebbles CBD flower is the morning bud for you!

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