Our Story

Our Mission & Promise To You

Our Story

To All Cultivators:

It all started when we lost $8,300 on a clone pick up. One can’t inspect all the plants with a microscope at the time of sale; you don’t always have time for full inspection and it’s not always convenient to bring the necessary tools to a common meetup area. But when we did get home to fully inspect with fine detail, we soon realized that all the plants had spider mites and had to be thrown out.

$8,300 gone. And even worse,
the grower blocked our number.

We were angry, but more so we were motivated to let others know never to buy from this grower. But we soon realized that there was no platform to hold this grower accountable for how he handled his business. There was nowhere to turn to leave reviews to help warn other buyers.

In its current state, the marijuana clone industry operates through buyers turning to websites like Craigslist to purchase clones. Within our research, we found that there are over 250 growers on Craigslist serving California and 75 of those growers have websites that say they carry verified plants.  As we dug deeper, we found that a mere 5% have paperwork to prove verification.

Dispensaries, co-ops, and medical marijuana practices spend thousands of dollars on a certain strain that their patients request only to find out the plant was mislabeled. Every clone is 4-8 inches and green. There are over 1,000 strains. The buyer won’t know what they truly have until 3 months pass and the plant has flowered. This puts the buyer at a serious risk with their customers if the clone isn’t the strain they paid for.

We believe this lack of accountability of labeling and overall quality is the biggest problem in the industry. It’s time for the talented growers who deserve your business to be brought to the surface, and those bad growers are weeded out.

Losing money isn’t fun,
but we’re glad it happened to us.

Without that experience, we never would have set out to create a fair marketplace that incentivizes only those growers that share our long-term vision of bringing legitimacy to the clone industry.  That is why it is our mission to vet every single grower that wishes to enter our marketplace, to ensure they meet our high standards.

Our promise to our customers is that our reviews and ratings will never be manipulated by Clone Connect to incentivize one grower over another.  It is you, the buyer, that we ask share your experience from each purchase so that others in your area know what to expect.  Clone Connect strives to empower each user, as you are as equally as important to creating transparency to this gray area within cannabis.

If we all play our part, together we can create the accountability the clone industry deserves.


The Clone Connect Team

Contact: service@cloneconnect.org