Our Story

Game-Changing Industrial Hemp Products & Services

Clone Connect, like many great companies before ours, was born from pain.

In the early days of the legal cannabis industry, things were exciting, fast, promising – and dangerous. We learned that the hard way, the first time we were ripped off on a clone sale.

And the second time, too!

As the bad actors flooded this new industry, it became clear to us that our pain wasn’t unique.

It seemed everyone had a similar story: a farmer duped into a bad futures contract, a broker cut out of a deal, a hemp beginner’s dreams dashed before a single plant sprouted when they realized their “feminized” seeds were, in fact, mixed.

We set out to change that.

We want that farmer to know that there’s an honest company ready to help them find good, quality seed. We want that beginner – and the many thousands more like them joining our movement – to know that there’s a reputable place to find great genetics for their climate, whether they’re in Bakersfield or Bolivia.

Above all, we’re here to do our part and help move hemp forward.

This isn’t a money grab. We aren’t 49ers.

We work in hemp for one simple reason: we think it can make the world a better place.

As our industry rides the CBD and CBG wave of investment and entrepreneurship into the future, we believe industrial hemp will change everything – the fork you eat with, the shirt you wear, even the car you drive or the home you live in. That’s after we change the lives of countless farmers by offering them a cash crop that they can count on.

Every so often there’s an opportunity for humanity to make a real leap forward, and it doesn’t always have to be a spaceship to Mars or an artificially intelligent robot. We truly believe hemp is a game-changer, the rare kind that we all can benefit from – and, if we’re honest, the kind we sorely need.

Everyone is in the hemp game for something green – exactly what kind of green they’re after tells the real story.

As for our team?

We’re environmentalists. We’re dreamers. We’re fixers.

We’re Clone Connect.

About Clone Connect

Clone Connect is a one-stop shop for almost everything a hemp farmer needs to get going. You can think of us as consultants, but that’s a really broad term.

So, what is it that we do? Here are the big three:

  • We bring our clients the most versatile, heavily-vetted menu of hemp genetics in the country
  • We help them sell their end product and
  • We help them cover their investment with crop insurance

Learn more at our FAQ!

Prophets of Hemp – Forbes Magazine

Luke Dandrea-CEO, Clone Connect

Excerpt: Recently, the financial news has been reporting on the gloomy outlook for the hemp and cannabis industry. This includes not only hemp and cannabis, but derivative products such as CBD oils, seed, flower and biomass.

There are however signs of hope for the hemp industry today. New and agile players have adapted to the markets and are able to maneuver through the industry’s maze of regulations. One such company is Clone Connect. Luke Dandrea, CEO of Clone Connect, is a millennial entrepreneur who exudes not only confidence but an energetic passion for the future of hemp…

Dandrea felt the industry needed a reliable source of hemp seed, seedlings and clones, and hemp by-products. Clone Connect works closely with its customers, many of which are farmers in rural America.

Clone Connect not only sells the seed, but it also advises farmers on how to shift from growing traditional crops like wheat, alfalfa and corn to hemp. Lastly, the company also serves as an end-to-end solution for its customers by offering them an after-market for hemp biomass and hemp’s other by-products.” Read more…

Clone Connect is a Proud Member of the National Hemp Association