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New States

It seems like every other day we hear news about a new state (like Wisconsin today) moving from a pilot program into a full-fledged Hemp State. You love to see it!

With an entire new state of hemp farmers comes a lot of newbies to the hemp game, and here’s hoping they took the hard lessons from other early-movers and apply the learnings themselves. Top of that list (if you ask us): good genetics.

Raise your hand if you got burned on your first seed buy. Yes, they’ll tell you it’s feminized; yes, they seem legit. We can’t emphasize this enough: do your homework. Making a mistake in 2020 is even worse than making one in 2019; coming from a state that’s been relatively slow to join the movement, you can’t afford to wait another year. The market is maturing and the money is being made. Securing quality genetics is vital to your success.

Clone Connect is a licensed distributor for one of the largest hemp genetics companies in the US. They’ve been working on their cultivars (of which there are more than a dozen) for over five years. The seeds are 99% female, and they offer the best seedling deal in the business. The best part? When you buy through us, we’ll put you directly in touch with the company, meaning you get the guaranteed quality plus the Clone Connect white glove service at no additional charge.

We’ll even help you sell the end product when it’s done.

So don’t risk it. Forget about that guy behind the Home Depot with a sack of seeds. If you’re getting into hemp for the first time, contact us today to secure quality genetics.