Mitragynine Speciosa is a quite old herbal plant that has been first originated in Southeast Asia. For decades now, local Asian consumers continue to use Kratom Powder to relieve various ailments such as the common cold, fatigue, stress, to boost energy and mood, and whatnot. Because of the many side effects produced by the use of opiates like codeine and morphine, people now inclining more towards these natural herbal remedies. This situation has made Kratom all the more popular these days. Several million people use Kratom in the US regularly now.

The best thing about Kratom is that it is present in quite a lot of strains and physical forms. It allows you to choose whichever types of Kratom you are comfortable with quickly. Kratom powder is also such a physical form that is considered the commonly used and most sought after Kratom type. The cheaper rates and feasibility to find it in the market has made people love this form all the more.

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Why Is It Difficult To Use Kratom Powder As It Is

We all love to use Kratom powder for all the obvious reasons, but one thing that can make anyone’s nose scrunch up is the taste of Kratom. Yes, Kratom is naturally really bitter and extremely non-palatable. Sometimes, you can’t get rid of the gritty feeling even after swallowing it with copious amounts of water.

Trust me; the awful taste makes it hard to consume Kratom powder. Adding to this fact, the dry powder is also quick to choke down and can cause nausea and vomiting very commonly. Furthermore, using Kratom powder can also get a bit messy. Spilling the powder just when you are ready to use can ruin your whole experience. All of these reasons are essential to consider before the usage of raw Kratom powder.

Nonetheless, the truth is that buying other forms of Kratom can also prove to be a lot expensive. Kratom powder is convenient and inexpensive. Therefore, to help you with the taste and easy consumption of Kratom powder, we have come up with this article. Yes, we are here to share various ways of using Kratom powder.

Various Methods Of Using Kratom Powder

Now one thing we must agree on is that putting raw powder in your mouth is not the desired method by any. The SouthEast Asian people used either toss and wash way or used the powder to brew tea with it. Both are not the best methods, but reduce the chances of choking down on it for sure. However, with the recent times, the millennials are surely getting into various palatable ways of consuming Kratom powder.

Yes, Kratom powder can be used in several methods while avoiding all the hazards like choking and vomiting. Here are some secure methods and quick to make recipes for you:

Toss And Wash Method

Toss and wash is a ubiquitous method that almost everyone is aware of. This method entails scooping up a small amount of Kratom in a spoon and trying to wash it down with water or liquid of some kind.

However, this is not for the faint of heart. It is considered extremely difficult as you are still able to feel the taste, and chances of regurgitation and vomiting are still high. Especially if you’re using Kratom extract powder. To reduce these side effects, you can put the powder at the back of your throat and try to swallow it down quickly with liquid. The liquid will smooth down the powdery dust so it won’t get trapped in your mouth. Also, it is best to use small amounts of Kratom powder at a time and never stuff your mouth as it is easier to swallow down this way.

Another method to ease it down is to use oblate discs that are small pieces of plastic-like, digestible discs, in which you can wrap up your Kratom and easily mask the taste of bitter Kratom powder.

Kratom Cocktails and Mixed Drinks

Making alcohol free beverages (known as mocktails) with Kratom is famous even in Asian countries. It is relatively easy and no rocket science. The texture of powder can easily be covered with thick and viscous drinks, and you won’t even know if you are taking Kratom with it also.

What you have to do is get a delicious and thick fruity liquid-like peach, mango, or guava juice. You can also get drink mixes of your favorite brand and flavor. Whatever flavor you choose, it is best to distribute the drink in two containers. Now mix your required Kratom powder dose in one of the portions and whisk it finely with a spoon -though it will be perfect if you have a coffee frother at hand. Now, chug the Kratom mixed drink down and wash the lingering taste with the other half of the pure juice. Remember to savor the second drink and swallow slowly. Make sure that you are not leaving behind any residual particle stuck behind your teeth and below the tongue. To ensure this, swish and swill the liquid thoroughly inside the mouth.

Easy Kratom Tea

Although not a recommended method -well, the foul taste again, Kratom tea is still a popular way to use Kratom powder. Making the tea is also quite easy, and if you are fond of hot beverages, the right choice too.

Before starting with the recipe, remember that using powdered leaves is the best way to go about it.

Boil 2 or 4 cups of water in a metallic container. It is best to use large amounts of water because the Kratom you use will be the same, whether you use more or less water. Howbeit, more water can lower the bitterness of the tea for sure. Now, you have to measure the Kratom powder according to your required dosage. Mix it in hot water thoroughly. Make sure that you are not leaving any clumps behind by stirring it smoothly.

You can also add half a spoon lemon juice, or some sugar according to your taste. Honey is also a good substitute for sugar. Let the tea settle down for a few seconds so that the remaining powder can get to the bottom. Pour the tea in another cup after it has cooled down to your liking. Now, you can enjoy your Kratom tea and all the amazing benefits of it.

Kratom Powder Use With Food

One thing we would like to get straight in the very beginning. Mixing your Kratom powder with food will not reduce the efficacy in any way. Users have frequently asked this question, but unless you are cooking/heating it with some food, only mixing won’t affect the nature of Kratom. Another thing to keep in mind is that powder might not mix well with some kinds of food as the powder texture and bitter taste can be hard to cover at times.

Now getting to some food recipes, you can either add Kratom powder in some delicious chocolate ice cream or mix it up with vanilla or Greek yogurt. For yogurt recipe, you can even add a few drops of lemon juice in it to mask the taste of Kratom better. Making a mixture with apple sauce or Nutella or adding it in your protein shake are also some good options to get rid of the taste.

Fill Up Your Own Kratom Capsules

Quality Kratom capsules are easily the best contender of loose Kratom powder. If you are opting for the ready-made ones, you can make sure that the dosage is always right, and you are neither spilling the powder and not tasting it while consuming them. However, as I said earlier, it can be a bit expensive. So one thing that you can do at home is to fill up your Kratom capsules.

Although the task is rather complicated and needs a lot of time and focus, once you get into it, you can fill up quite a lot of capsules in a short amount of time. To make your Kratom capsules, you will have to buy empty capsule shells first. Now, you either have to invest in the right quality scale or get your measurements with a spoon straight. Fill up both the parts of the capsule and join them by inserting the smaller section in the larger one. Yes, now you have your economical Kratom capsules made at home.

Measure Your Doses Accurately

One downside of using kratom powder is the need for measuring the accurate dosage, which is not an easy feat by any means. Also, getting your doses always right is a remarkable fact that can never be ignored. Trust me, overdosing is something that must be avoided at all costs. The best way to measure the Kratom powder is to invest in a useful and accurate digital scale that measures in grams -preferably in two decimals.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should not use Kratom powder if you don’t have a scale. You can also measure the dust with a teaspoon. Though, you must get it right always and use a standard size of the spoon for measurement. A leveled teaspoon carries 2.5-3 grams of Kratom powder, and for beginners, that’s the exact dosage you need to take.

You can also increase the numbers of teaspoons you take, as you maintain a chart of what doses suits you the best. Nevertheless, starting with the smallest doses is always considered the best.


Kratom powder is a cheaper and the most commonly used form. Despite the bitter taste, people love it for the quick effects and easy availability. To avoid the bitter taste of Kratom powder, you can use it with different methods. By mixing it in your milkshake or eating it with yogurt, you can easily consume it.