EducationHow to Help Someone Struggling With Addiction?

Addiction is a problem that affects the victim and the entire family. And being in a relationship with someone struggling with drugs is complicated. No one wants their loved one to get addicted, and if so, you want him to get rid of this disease. Do you know addiction is a disease in which a person feels they can not survive without having it? Drugs or substances affect neurologically and cause a big effect on mental health. But dealing with addiction is possible for the person if they think that his family and friend loved him so much and he is not alone.

Let us learn how to deal with addiction and know a little bit about it.

Overview: What Is Addiction And How It Affects?

Addiction is a process in which a person feels pleasure after taking a drug or substance—these substances affect the brain and release dopamine that gives a pleasant feeling. And people do use it again to have that feeling effect.

But as time passes, the person gets into substance addiction more and more, and it is the pinpoint where the problem developed. Normally people start using drugs or substances for no reason; some start just to look cool and copy their friends. Some use it to improve or enhance their athletic performance, and some start using it to get rid of their emotional pain. They think they can stop using it whenever they want to. But actually, it is not that easy.

The person who provides loved, emotional and physical support to the addicted one can help him get back to his healthy life. Support is the key to providing help to one who is struggling with addiction.

An addict isolates himself and starts reacting to little things. He just needs money and drugs on time, and it is the time that can destroy the entire family and a very painful moment for you to see your loved ones going through a serious substance disorder.

Here are some ways to eventually help your loved ones struggling with addiction.

Symptoms: What Are The Signs Of Addiction?

There are some signs of addiction that help to find out if the person is addicted or not.

  • Lack Of Energy And Concentration
  • Mood Swings
  • Red Or Glassy Eyes
  • Behavioral Changes
  • Hyperness
  • Having Problem At Working Place And School
  • Request Of Money Or Spending Spike
  • Isolation

If you see some of them, show your concern and be honest with your loved ones.

What Are The Ways For Helping Someone With Drug Addiction?

Knowledge About Addiction

The first thing you need to find is why your loved ones become addicted. Addiction is a disease, but people don’t look at it like other diseases like diabetes or cancer. But they start criticizing and yelling. If you want your loved ones to get out of it, you need to find the reason behind it.

Most people take drugs to get over their depression and anxiety. Taking drugs looks easier, and they don’t think to find healthier ways to deal with is a crucial step to find out the basic reason of your loved ones for taking substances or drugs.

Be Honest Show Your Support And Concern

Be honest with your loved ones and tell them how you feel when looking at them. How painful the situation and you are having problems in relationships, work, or school because of these substance misuses.

Tell him he can get over this drug, and you are always there to help him, and you are concerned about him. Tell him you can not allow him to destroy his life. Your life is precious to me, and you can not let this happen. You loved him so much.

You have lots of things to do. You will provide support in the recovery process.

Don’t Get Stressed On Yourself

You are going through a situation in which you not only take care of your loved one but yourself too. Do you know an empty glass does not fill another glass? Taking care of yourself is also important. Make sure you eat healthy food at the proper time, and get enough sleep. And never think so much; otherwise, it will take you in anxiety and depression. So do take care of yourself too. Talk to the doctor to remove your fears.

Seek Counselling And Therapy

Addiction affects you, too, so you need to manage your stress if you are helping your loved one. So if you are feeling stressed, seek counseling or therapy to keep your mind healthy. In this way, you can help your loved ones.

Establish Trust

Building trust is the major step. Because it allows your loved ones to discuss their issues and fears, positively talk to your loved ones. Tell them they are not alone, and you will provide any kind of support throughout the recovery process. But keep an eye to protect them from old habits and the environment. Talk to them about the future and healthy habits. Discuss how a person can deal with problems in a positive way. And Life is so beautiful and a big blessing.

Things Should Avoid While Taking About Addiction

  • You love your loved ones so much, but you should use your mind and don’t get emotional while talking to them. Because your loved ones are going through a big trauma, and you should think first before talking to them.
  • Express your feelings with a positive attitude and tell them honestly about your concern and never threaten them because in this way, your loved ones start hiding things.
  • Never make excuses about their behavior.
  • Do not lie to them; it will destroy your trust.
  • Never argue with your loved ones. It will kill your relationship, and your loved ones will stop understanding your concern.
  • Never think or say you are responsible for their behavior because it allows your loved ones to stop taking responsibility for their attitude.
  • Keep its privacy if your loved ones don’t want to share it with other friends and family. In this way, your loved ones trust you more and share their feelings with you.

What To Expect During Recovery

  • An addicted person doesn’t agree that they have a problem. And they do not want to change what they are doing.
  • Don’t expect sudden change during recovery because it is a neurological issue, and it takes time to recover.
  • You need to create boundaries because your loved ones are in the recovery stage, and there are chances of getting back towards their older habits, and it will be harmful.

Final Words

Having an addicted loved one makes your life difficult. But a proper approach, counseling, and treatment support your loved ones to get back to a healthy life. Detoxing of any substance from the body may take three to fourteen days. And with the help of medication, overcome its withdrawal symptoms. Nothing is impossible, but all you need is to provide support and establish trust between you and your loved ones to help both of you get over this addiction habit. Talk to your loved ones now, remove their fear, and make them realize what they are doing. good luck!