How It Works


Clone Connect is a one-stop shop for almost everything a hemp farmer needs to get going. You can think of us as consultants, but that’s a really broad term.

So, what is it that we do? Here are the big three:

  • We bring our clients the most versatile, heavily-vetted menu of hemp genetics in the country
  • We help them sell their end product and
  • We help them cover their investment with crop insurance

Quality genetics – meaning hemp seeds, hemp seedlings, or hemp clones – are the foundation of any successful grower’s operation. We’ve all heard the stories about unfeminized seed, bad germination rates, and crops going hot.

Clone Connect has vetted and partnered with a select few companies, out of dozens that ask to work with us, to offer only the best to our clients – at the best price. We are not resellers. We get our clients the best pricing possible, because the genetics companies want access to our marketplace of buyers.

So, we’ve gotten you good genetics – what else?

After you’ve harvested your crop, Clone Connect will help you sell it!

Go ahead and google “buy hemp biomass” and see who shows up. See us at the top? That’s how we help. Each customer gets a free listing to advertise their end product at the end of the year, and we only charge a 5% commission if your product gets sold through our network. We also have many lab and processing partners around the country and can help set up tolling deals as well.

Lastly, the insurance. While the federal crop insurance coming onto the market this year is a good thing for hemp, it’s still leaving many people out. It also comes with a deadline (March 15th).

For the many growers and cultivators who need more than the federal program offers, Clone Connect has partnered with HailSure to offer additional hemp crop coverage. It’s form-fitting and available in all 50 states. Insurance will give you the peace of mind to go for it in this space.

We are constantly adding services, and chances are if there’s something you need in the hemp world, we can get it done.

We call ourselves Fixers. Join us, and let us fix your problems!

Clone Connect is a Proud Member of the National Hemp Association


1. “How does the process work?”

When you contact us (either via phone call or filling out a form), we’ll talk to you and figure out your needs and learn about your hemp project. We’ll then give you some options, whether it’s a nursery nearby for clones or a great cultivar for feminized seed.

When you’re ready to purchase, we’ll introduce you directly to the nursery or genetics company, so you’re buying right from the source, with no added fees.

2. “Can you deliver?”

Seedlings are delivered in climate controlled trucks to anywhere in the continental US. Seeds and clones can also be delivered. Pick-up is also an option.

3. “Do you ship internationally?”

For large orders (100,000+ seeds), we can ship seed internationally. Please contact us for more info.

4. “Do you offer anything in addition to seed and clone sales?”

Yes, we do! We also offer crop insurance to help you avoid disaster, and we also help our clients sell their end product when their flower or biomass is grown. There are other services we offer as well (tolling deals, lab connections, white labeling, etc) – if it’s in the hemp world, we can likely help you!

5. “How many plants do I need per acre?”

For regular hemp seeds, we generally recommend around 2500 seeds/acre with 5 foot spacing. For auto-flower cultivars, it’s closer to 10,000 seeds/acre. Call us and we can walk you through it.