Growing Hemp in Massachusetts

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Growing Hemp in Massachusetts

Looking Hemp flower for sale in Massachusetts or looking to buy cbd isolate? We have that in our product pages as well as hemp seed and hemp clone for sale. If you’re looking to grow in Massachusetts please follow these guidelines:

The Massachusetts Department Of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) governs the regulations that are in place for legally grown hemp. This refers to that which is for commercial purposes as well as what falls under the USDA Farm Bill and is associated with the Agricultural Pilot Program.

The Hemp Program has the authority to put regulations in place regarding industrial hemp. It is also in charge of licensing for those who want to process and/or cultivate the crop. In addition, it enforces all of the rules and regulations pertaining to hemp in the Commonwealth. Here is an overview of the services it offers.

  • License application for anyone who has plans to grow or process hemp.
  • Inspection of sites where the plant is grown and processed for distribution.
  • Outreach and educational services to participants in the program as well as those who have a general interest.
  • Certification of all hemp, which includes testing to verify the THC levels are not above the state’s maximum.

While it is possible to grow hemp indoors during all seasons, spring (the start of May) is the ideal time for outdoor growing. MDAR does not offer a comprehensive list of vendors who are approved to sell the seeds necessary to grow hemp. If you are interested in distributing seeds, you have to prove that the hemp that will be produced using them will have a THC level that does not exceed 0.3 percent.

Program Name Program Type Resources
Massachusetts Research and Commercial Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) Hemp Program