Growing Hemp in Maryland

Looking Hemp flower for sale in Maryland or looking to buy cbd isolate? We have that in our product pages as well as hemp seed and hemp clone for sale. If you’re looking to grow in Maryland please follow these guidelines:

House Bill 698 was passed in 2016 by the Maryland General Assembly to legalize the development of the state’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. The program allowed farmers who contract with either the Maryland Department of Agriculture or an approved Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) to grow hemp for industrial research purposes. Hemp production under this program is only open to academic or agricultural researchers.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture is developing regulations required under this law to develop research programs that conform to Maryland’s regulations concerning hemp production for industrial use. Until all regulations have been finalized, any farmer attempting to grow hemp in Maryland is doing so illegally and will face criminal penalties.

The Department of Agriculture must approve all sites where industrial hemp will be grown as a part of the program. The MDA may charge a $250 fee which will be used to support Maryland’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.

The revised 2018 law allows the IHE and MDA to contract with individuals to cultivate or grow industrial hemp. Approved applicants must purchase industrial hemp seed that conforms with the current laws in Maryland.

Verification of hemp plants must be done by an independent lab registered to test hemp within the state, or by the IHE. Independent verification must be completed via onsite inspection. Growers are expected to maintain all verification records for industrial hemp grown on site, and those records must be made available to the MDA, or to the IHE that contracted with the grower.

Industrial hemp is best grown outdoors in late spring to ensure it is ready to harvest in September. It can, however, also be grown indoors. Seeds can be planted indoors for two to four weeks before being moved outdoors for transplant.

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Maryland Research and Commercial Maryland Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp