Growing Hemp
In Your State

The resources, laws and climate
info you'll need to successfully
grow hemp in your state

A Guide to Growing Hemp In Your State

Whether your goals are to produce CBD hemp flower and biomass or to re-sell your seeds and clones, you’ll first need to understand your state’s legal landscape and growing climate to be successful.

The Internet is full of useful information on the hemp industry. List of state statutes can be found with a quick Google search, while industry reports and grower’s guides are seeing rapid proliferation in light of federal reclassification of hemp from a Schedule 1 narcotic to an agricultural commodity. Weeding through this information can get time consuming, and much of the available online literature is geared towards a learned, academic audience.

To address the information gap, Clone Connect has compiled this convenient resource for both new and seasoned farmers alike. This free guide consolidates key resources needed to acquire a working knowledge of the hemp industry in any given State without spending hours of valuable time performing research.

These guides are intended to  answer the big questions up front so you can roll up your sleeves and start planting with a clear roadmap of the legal and agricultural opportunities and limitations within the borders of your State.

Generally speaking, there are two primary areas of concern for all new and seasoned growers:

  1. The legal landscape of your State
  2. Your State’s climate

While many States have adopted model legislation, pursuant to the 2014 & 2018 Farm Bills, every State will, in practice, interpret & implement the laws in ways that make the most sense for their State’s particular needs.

Choose your state from the list below for a brief, though comprehensive, overview of the natural & legal climate — along with resources, industry & government contacts in your slice of the Union.

We hope this resource proves useful in your enterprise, and we welcome any feedback as to how we can make this resource even better.