LegalHemp Flower in Puerto Rico

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The world is beginning to understand the therapeutic potential of hemp flowers and the CBD that’s derived from them.

But as hemp and cannabis get accepted by governments around the world, new laws are being introduced making the hemp business a lot more complicated than it should be.

Puerto Rico’s hemp laws can become especially confusing for foreigners because both the US government federal hemp laws and Puerto Rico’s own hemp laws apply to the territory. Let’s clear it up!

A Brief History of Puerto Rico’s Hemp Laws

Puerto Rico is no different from most countries of the world when it comes to confusing marijuana and hemp.

Both marijuana and hemp come from the cannabis plant, and both smell and look exactly the same. The only difference between the two is chemical — marijuana has a considerable amount of THC while hemp has very little of it.

THC is a psychoactive substance, and it’s the main reason why people get “high” on marijuana. It’s also the substance responsible for marijuana addiction, making it extremely dangerous.

Because hemp flowers and marijuana look so similar, farmers and drug dealers often use this to their advantage by growing and selling marijuana under the pretense of cannabis. As a result, hemp flowers were banned in Puerto Rico in 1932, when dealing in hemp could land you in jail for up to one year.

In 2015, the Governor of Puerto Rico made hemp legal for medicinal use through an executive order. Hemp flowers are thought to be effective for many ailments, including multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, childhood epilepsy, and pain, which is why many governments in the world — including that of Puerto Rico — allow the medical use of hemp.

So, is hemp legal in Puerto Rico?

Yes, but only for medical use.

You should also be aware that Puerto Rico hemp laws require that hemp flowers and all the products derived from them (including CBD oil) have a THC concentration of less than 0.3%. This is stricter than some other countries like Argentina, where laws allow a THC concentration of up to 1%.

Is it legal to buy hemp in Puerto Rico?

Depends on who you are. If you have a valid medical prescription, you can easily buy hemp and hemp-related CBD products from local licensed pharmacies.

If you don’t have a medical prescription, you might get into trouble because Puerto Rico’s laws about recreational cannabis use are not very clear. In such cases, your best bet is to try to get hemp online from companies in the US.

Many of these companies ship hemp flowers discreetly, so it’s highly likely you’ll receive your order without a problem. However, the possibility of your package getting confiscated by the authorities always exists.

Can you grow hemp flowers in Puerto Rico?

It seems Puerto Rico still does not allow for personal cultivation of hemp flowers.

However, Puerto Rico does grant a variety of licenses to companies who wish to grow hemp. These include Seed Distributor License, Manufacturing License, Laboratory License, Hemp Cultivation License.

If you wish to establish a hemp company in Puerto Rico, it’s best to visit the authorities in person and inquire more about these licenses.