LegalHemp Flower in Barbados

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The laws against Hemp flower and cannabis are loosening all over the Caribbean. Recently, Barbados also joined the list of countries that legalized the medicinal use of Hemp. Barbados is an island country in the Caribbean region of North America. Many tourists visit the country to enjoy quality time at the stunning beaches and play amazing water sport like kayaking, snorkeling, swimming etc. Let us reflect some light on the legal status of hemp flower in Barbados, so you are well aware of the legality of hemp before you visit the country or plan to possess or use hemp in Barbados

Is the recreational use of Hemp legal?

Recreational use of Cannabis is illegal in Barbados.

Is the medicinal use of Hemp legal?

A Medical Cannabis Industry Bill was passed in November 2019 through which the medical use of cannabis was legalized in the country. Later a second bill called the Sacramental Cannabis Bill was passed which allowed the spiritual use of Hemp by registered Rastafarians.

Rastafarians and Cannabis

Rastafari is a religion based on the specific interpretation of the Holy Bible. One of the key rituals of Rastafari in the smoking of ganja/cannabis. They sometimes refer it to as the herb, the holy herb, or the weed. Rastas use cannabis not only to smoke, but also use it to brew tea, as a spice in cooking, and as an ingredient in medicine. Rastas have carried out multiple protests against the legal status of Hemp in Barbados. In 2019, Barbados legalized the use of Cannabis for Rastafarians and pledged 60 acres of land for them to grow it.

Can you land in jail for possession of Hemp?

According to the previous law, people were arrested and presented before the court for the possession of hemp, resulting in a criminal record. As per the new updated law, people caught with less than or equal to 14 grams of Cannabis will be issued a ticket. The fine/penalty is of $200, which must be paid within 30 days. So, if caught smoking in public, rather than getting arrested or detained, you will be issued a ticket now.

Can you grow hemp flower or cannabis plant in the home?

You can cultivate and grow a maximum of 4 plants per house.

Is the export of Cannabis legal?

The government of Barbados is all set to start the production and export of Hemp. The government has already started accepting the proposals for cultivating hemp since the start of the year 2021. Thus, it is completely legal as long as you have the permit/license to do so. The government plans on only exporting the finished products. Minister of Agriculture and Food Security said, “We created a complete value chain so that at any part of that value chain we can enter”. This would help Barbados to gain maximum premium on the export of cannabis or cannabis-derived products.

License for growing Hemp in Barbados:

It appears that laws relating to the growing of Hemp are becoming lenient. Towards the end of 2020. the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority’s (BCLA) announced that potential investors will be able to apply for cannabis licenses as early as the start of 2021.

Where to buy hemp in Barbados?

Although the use of hemp/cannabis is illegal in the country, people do use and smoke it. You can find it easily from any street dealers both on the South and the East coast.

Price of Cannabis

You can get your hands on 0.5 ounces of cannabis for around $50 – $80


Future Outlook

The Prime minster of Barbados Mottley in her comments said that Barbados can no longer afford to miss out on the multi-billion-dollar global cannabis industry. Barbados has hectares of unused land which could be used to cultivate and produce cannabis and cannabis by-products. Legalization of medical cannabis in the country will also allow international investors to put money into the country economy. Furthermore, the attractive tax incentives, compliance with international best practices and standards, and skilled labour forces make Barbados the ideal place for the hemp industry to grow and strive in the near future.