HEMP flower for sale in Netherlands

HEMP flower for sale in Netherlands


Whether CBD Oil is legal is a frequently asked question asked by it’s users. There are often
doubts that arise because of the hemp plant from which the Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted.

Hemp extract is currently illegal but tolerated in the Netherlands. This stems from an old
legislation, where the extraction of the hemp plant was seen as making hard drugs. This law
was created because of the production of hash oil, which would be too strong to fall under list 2
of the opium legislation as soft drugs. As a result, all extractions are by definition banned, but
this legislation was actually created because of the THC and not the CBD, which is not


The Opium Act was instituted in the Netherlands in 1912. The legislation was created to counter
opium abuse in the beginning of the 20th century. At the initiative of the United States, the
Netherlands decided to introduce the Opium Act in 1912. The Opium Act works as follows: the
legislation uses two lists. On list one are the hard drugs (cocaine, XTC, THC, heroin etc.) and
on list two are drugs made from the hemp plant (except THC delta 9), including CBD.

The Opium Act was amended in 1999. Hemp that is produced for the fiber hemp market was
legalized so that the production of hemp in the Netherlands could begin. This means that since
1999, the growth of hemp plants with a THC content of less than 0.2% is legal, but the
production of CBD is illegal, because this concerns an extraction of the plant.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance that occurs in the hemp plant, which is why it falls under the
Opium Act. In order to keep the production of CBD legal, the hemp is produced in the
Netherlands and processed abroad to CBD, after which it can be sold in the Netherlands again.
Under Dutch law, CBD is tolerated with a THC percentage of up to 0.05% THC. This means that
CBD products with a THC percentage of less than 0.05% THC can be sold anywhere.

Many webshops and producers advertise with a legal maximum percentage of 0.2% THC. This
is not correct.

The legally permitted percentage is a maximum of 0.2% THC for fiber hemp, where CBD Oil is
no longer included.

The legally permitted percentage is a maximum of 0.05% THC for hemp extractions.


CBD has been officially recognized as a medicine in England since 2017. This means that CBD
is legally available in the UK and that doctors can prescribe CBD prescriptions to patients. The
new regulations finally give patients who benefit from CBD what they are entitled to, but now
without having to fight for it.

In the future there is a big chance that CBD in the Netherlands will also be recognized as a
medicine and that the production of CBD will be legalized.


Medicinal cannabis in the Netherlands

The prescription of medicinal cannabis is permitted in the Netherlands, but is still in its infancy.
Bedrocan is the only business commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to
produce cannabis legally to supply pharmacies. This means that while doctors may prescribe
cannabis, they rarely do so. Many doctors are not yet sufficiently informed about the therapeutic
effect of cannabis any many health insurers do not (yet) cover medicinal cannabis.

Hemp and cannabis seeds

Cultivating and processing industrial hemp with a psychoactive component of less than 0.3% is
legal in the Netherlands, but the government must be informed. Dutch hemp production was
introduced by Ben Dronkers in 1994 He recognised the potential of the plant and, driven by the
ambition to produce an eco-friendly, economically viable, traditional crop in his home country,
he established  Hempflax  with 140 hectares under hemp production. The business currently has
around 450 hectares under production in the Netherlands, 550 in Germany and 700 in Romania.

In the Netherlands, the sale of cannabis seeds for growing plants that produce psychoactive
substances is permitted. The seeds are considered no different from any other seed, but
cultivation is limited to 5 seeds.

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