HEMP flower for sale in Greece

HEMP flower for sale in Greece

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Germany just passed one of the world’s most progressive medical marijuana plans. The new
law will put weed in more pharmacies and require public insurers to cover the costs of cannabis
products, as they do other pharmaceutical prescriptions, when cannabis is prescribed for
“severe conditions.”

Germany will also start growing its own weed. This will replace the old medical marijuana law,
which granted permits for people to grow their own. So recreational growers will not have any
excuses for ‘exotic houseplants.’

The drug dealers of Berlin’s infamous open-air marijuana market in Görlitzer Park that spoke
to Highsnobiety were surprisingly supportive. “Obviously its not going to be so good for
business, but it’s the right thing to do if it can help people,” said Jan*, 24. Like many of the
dealers lining in the parks of Berlin, he is an African immigrant, this time from Lagos.

While Germany is standardizing its medical marijuana supply chain, authorities in the capital
turn a blind eye to illicit dealers selling dime bags in public spaces. But although it will soon be
easier to get free weed from the local pharmacy, most dealers we spoke to were not threatened
by the competition.

“We also get people who buy weed from us to treat pain,” said Menis*, 27, a Gambian dealer.
“Some don’t come anymore, but a lot of them still do. You don’t get exactly the same experience
from the pharmacy products as you do with the marijuana we sell. They spray it with something
different. I didn’t like it as much.”

Currently pharmacy prices for medical marijuana fluctuate from 12 to 20 euro per gram,
compared to the roughly 10-euro price in the park.

Minister Pitsiorlas said the first medicinal cannabis products were expected to appear on the
market within a year or so. He stated that the industry is mainly export-oriented, adding that
“there is huge interest, mainly from Canada and Israel.”

Indeed, it has already been observed that foreign investors are active in taking advantage of the
new legislation. DevCann, an Ohio-based company, is investing € 12 million ($13.7 million) in
Greece to grow, process and export medical and industrial cannabis.

“(Greece) is the European California,” DevCann CEO James Ickes told the Wall Street Journal.
“Greece is a pioneer, as it is one of the few countries that offers the opportunity to export, while
the location of the country is ideal: a path for Europe and the Middle East,” Ickes explained.

As part of the effort to attract foreign investment in the cannabis market, Enterprise Greece, the
nation’s investment and trade promotion agency, recently issued a new publication on licensing
procedures for investment in pharmaceutical cannabis.

The booklet is titled “Hemp cultivation for the sole purpose of producing finished medicinal
cannabis products.” The publication details all the necessary specifics of the new legislation,
including terms and conditions for securing a license, as well a list of the required documents.

According to Greek law, cannabis still remains on the list of known addictive substances,
therefore the license for installation and/or operation is granted under strict terms and

Approval of the production, possession, transportation and storage as well as the supply of raw
materials and substances, can be obtained only with the permission of the Ministries of
Economy and Development, of Health, and of Rural Development and Food.

Permission for the establishment and operation of a facility for the processing and production of
finished medicinal products containing cannabis must also be granted from the same ministries.


Is CBD Legal in Greece?

Drug laws in Greece

Cannabis in Greece is illegal for recreational purposes, but if possession of a small amount is
found to be for personal use, it is decriminalized in court. Individuals are arrested, although
rarely convicted by court.

Medical Cannabis in Greece.

In June 2017, Greece joined the list of countries where cannabis is legal for therapeutic use.
The Greek government approved a ministerial decree that legalizes the importation and trade of
cannabis-based pharmaceutical products on advice from the Greek Ministry of Health.

Cannabis would be downgraded from a Table A to a Table B substance (the equivalent of a
Class A to Class B shift in the UK) under Greece’s regulatory structure. Effectively, this means
cannabis will be recognised as a drug that has accepted medical use in the treatment of certain

In March 2018, the Greek Parliament approved a law authorizing the cultivation and production
of medical cannabis in Greece.

Hemp regulations in Greece

Industrial hemp was banned in Greece in from 1957. 60 years later after the changes in policy
regarding medicinal cannabis, Greek producers are now free to plant varieties of cannabis
included in a list deemed legal by the European Union which have a THC content lower than 0.2

Is CBD Oil Legal in Greece?

CBD oil is legal in Greece if it contains less that 0.2% THC. Since the changes in regulation It’s
completely legal to cultivate industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L or hemp) and its by products.
According to the drug code and narcotics law, hemp is excluded from the list of controlled drugs.

Άρθρο 1 Ορισμός ναρκωτικών

Only the following can be exempted from the provisions of this Act:
(a) the varieties of industrial cannabis listed in Annex II to Regulation (EU) No 796/2004 and the
current EU Regulation as well as varieties of industrial cannabis meeting the criteria of Article 39
Regulation (EC) 73/2009 and the then current EU regulation.
the conditions for growing, harvesting, processing and disposal of legal industrial hemp varieties
subject to regulatory management device As control and ministries.

(b) products of cannabis varieties with a low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. In particular,
for food and drink, in addition to legal licenses and certificates (where required), a test report is
required to quantify the content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the product. The inspection
report is issued either by an approved laboratory in the country of origin of the product if it is
imported from an EU Member State or by a Greek approved laboratory if it comes from
indigenous crops or is imported from a non-EU country.