Hemp Flower for Sale in Canada

HEMP flower for sale in canada


Producers and manufacturers who want to work with hemp must obtain licenses from Health Canada in Ottawa.

In order to grow hemp or manufacturer hemp products you must have a license. Health Canada’s “Industrial Hemp Licensing Application Guide” is located online here.

Producers are only allowed to plant certified seed – there is no “common” seed. All hemp planted must be an approved variety, all of which have less than 0.3% THC in them in field.

Ref: http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/crops/facts/00-067.htm

Industrial hemp may only be grown under licence from Health Canada. Leaf or seed residue found in vehicles or machinery, without the proper licences, may constitute possession of a controlled substance in Canada or elsewhere. Thorough cleaning of vehicles and equipment is required under the Industrial Hemp Regulations.

Industrial hemp licences are issued for a calendar year only and must be renewed if product is carried into the New Year. Hemp licences are only valid in Canada. Transporting product in any form to another country, including the United States, may constitute an offence in that country.
Licences to grow industrial hemp are issued for crops of 4 ha (10acres) or more. Seed breeding and small-scale experimental activities may be carried out using Breeder or Research permits only. Applicants for any commercial hemp licence must submit a current police criminal record check with their licence application.

Because industrial hemp is a controlled substance, every aspect of its handling, production and marketing is controlled by licences issued to the operator. Information about varieties, licences and regulations may be obtain from the Health Canada’s web site or by contacting:

Industrial Hemp Section
Office of Controlled Substances
Drug Strategy and Controlled Substances Programme, HECSB
Health Canada
123 Slater St., 2nd Floor
Ottawa, ON K1A 1B9
AL 3502A
Tel. (613) 954-6524
Fax: (613) 941-5360
E-mail: hemp@hc-sc.gc.ca


Cultivation, sale, import and/or export of industrial hemp seed

Anyone wishing to cultivate industrial hemp is required to obtain a licencefrom Health Canada.
Providers/sellers, processors, importers and exporters of hemp seed or viable grain (not fiber)
also require a license from Health Canada.

Seed importers are required to be a Registered Seed Establishment with the permit to import
industrial hemp issued by Health Canada. Additionally, each imported shipment of seed
requires a phytosanitary certificate, and if the import is from outside the continental United
States, a CFIA import permit issued under the Plant Protection Act. Seed exporters are required
to meet importing country’s requirements.

CFIA’s role in the regulation of industrial hemp seed

With respect to the administration of the Industrial Hemp Regulations, the responsibility of the
CFIA is limited to the provision of pedigreed seed crop inspection and an advisory role in
determining the List of Approved Cultivars.

The CFIA’s Seeds Act and Seeds Regulations and Plant Protection
Act and Regulations regulate industrial hemp in the following ways:

  • delivery of the pedigreed seed crop inspection system:
    • Industrial Hemp Regulations stipulate that hemp seed must be of pedigreed
  • delivery of the Registered Seed Establishment program:
    • hemp seed must be imported by a Registered Seed Establishment in order to
      maintain the pedigreed status of the seed
  • labelling requirements from the Seeds Act and Regulations apply to seed of industrial
  • import:
    • D-96-03 Plant Protection Import Requirements for Cannabis sativa outlines
      the import requirements for plants and seeds
    • the Seeds Act and Regulations also regulate the import of seed
    • the ABCs of Seed Importation into Canada outlines the import requirements
  • hemp is not subject to Variety Registration in Canada
  • the production of pedigree status seed is facilitated by the Canadian Seed Growers’
    Association eligibility for certification (Form 300) process