Hemp Flower for Sale in Argentina

HEMP flower for sale in Argentina


The Argentine government has finally laid out a framework for its medicinal marijuana industry
after two years of deliberations. The South American nation legalized cannabis for medical
purposes back in March 2017 and it has since been working on fine-tuning the regulation. It has
handed control of the industry to the National Seed Institute (INASE), a decentralized agency
within the Ministry of Agriculture.

INASE will be in charge of authorizing companies to cultivate, diffuse, handle, distribute and
import cannabis in Argentina. The law can now come into effect after it was published
under  resolution 59 of the Official Gazette . It stipulates that any company engaged in cannabis
cultivation must appoint a technical manager who will be responsible for declaring a record of
how much is produced to the government. This individual must be a scientist with a background
in agriculture or plant-based research.

It also states that a fine of up to 100,000 pesos ($2,421) will be handed out to anyone that
breaches the regulations. INASE has the power to inspect any cannabis production operation to
check they comply with the legislation.


In March 2019 INASE added further statutes to the cultivation legislation giving its own
regulators control of every aspect of the cultivation process to prevent any wrongdoing or illegal
growth or sales.

A translated quote from the original legislation says, “No activity regarding production,
distribution, manufacturing, or importing is allowed without the prior authorization of INASE. The
controls executed by INASE can include physical inspection of the organs of propagation
throughout their crop cycle.”

If the crops need transporting, the Ministry of Security will supervise and manage the progress.

INASE is, in effect, building a log book of all activities carried out by each company permitted to
cultivate cannabis.

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