Clone Connect does not sell marijuana, only products derived from federally legal hemp. All marijuana related content is for informational and educational purposes only and intended to help our users understand the difference between marijuana and hemp.

Are you a storefront?

We do not operate out of a traditional brick and mortar storefront. Clone Connect features various hemp product options from licensed hemp farms and manufacturers that we have personally vetted and have formed partnerships to join our network.  Orders can be made online via our e-commerce feature, though wholesale and bulk orders should be discussed with our sales team.


How do I order?

We are currently updating our e-commerce solutions for the website. Until then, please fill out our order inquiry form so that we can process your specific needs before following up with you.


What are the next steps after I order?  

When you place your order online, you will receive a follow up email confirming your order.  From there, the farm that you purchased from will reach out to you directly on shipping.  Please note that each farm has its own shipping policy, so please read their procedure located on their vendor page prior to ordering.  For bulk and wholesale orders, we will discuss shipping logistics for your specific order.