Are you a storefront?

* We are Appointment Based * We do not operate out of a traditional brick and mortar storefront. This allows us to drop prices and keep a versatile surplus of inventory for the customer. Clones are in the beginning stages of a plants life cycle, and we believe they are best kept in an optimal environment, the nursery, as opposed to sitting on a shelf waiting for a patient to buy them. This also allows only the very best clones to be selected for your order, instead of what is simply on the shelf at that moment in time.


How do I order?

Currently, we are working to update our payment processor and improve your experience during the ordering process. While we work on updates, we recommend that you find the grower/strains that you’d like to purchase, and then call us at  (916) 836-8776 and we will complete your order over the phone with you.


Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, there is a 6 plant minimum.


What is the price per plant?

Pricing varies for each Clone Connect grower. When you visit the “virtual storefronts” of the growers in your specific location, you will see each grower’s specific strain menu and the prices that they have set based on the quantity of plants you would like to buy.


What are the next steps after I order?  

All orders are confirmed over the phone, to finalize total count as well as genetics desired. This eliminates any confusion on pick up day. Once the nearest pick up location to you is determined, you will be given the delivery persons contact information as well as a pick up time. If for any reason, you need to change your order, or pick up times, please allow us at least two hours to modify the order. We understand that situations happen, please just call us and we are happy to find a solution.


Where do we meet?

Clone Connect’s network of growers have been using vetted drop-off locations in green zones for two and half years. Each grower uses a different location and Clone Connect will help coordinate to ensure you know exactly where the drop-off is located. 


Are these verified?  

We implemented an honest review system with the main goal of fixing one of the biggest problems in the industry…mislabeling. We picked these growers from a group of 85 over the last two years. A lot of time and money has gone into selecting the group to hold accountable


What if I am not happy with my plants?

Our growers have agreed to a 72-hour return policy. We feel this is ample time for you to go home and inspect each plant 🙂