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Getting Started: Using CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is pre-activated or decarboxylated before packaging, and therefore does not require further application of heat to make it usable by our bodies. There are many ways to take CBD isolate, but there are really only three pathways for CBD isolate to enter your body: the mouth, the skin, and the lungs.

Ingesting CBD Isolate

The easiest way to take CBD isolate is simply to swallow it. This can be done in a variety of ways:

Toss & Wash

Exactly how it sounds. Measure out your dose, swallow it first, then chase it with a beverage. Sure, it’s a bit less elegant than the remaining approaches, but it’s certainly the fastest. Just be sure to take with or after food, as CBD absorbs better in a semi-full stomach than in an empty one.

Dissolve It Into a Drink or Mix It into Food

Onset of effects takes longest with this method (30 to 90 minutes), but those effects tend to last longer some say considerably. 

Take It Sublingually 

A.k.a., the Under The Tongue method. Measure out your dose, pop it under your tongue, wait two minutes and swig it down with a tasty beverage. Sublingual ingestion is faster than digestion because CBD is absorbed directly into the blood vessels under the tongue and along the gumline.

Use It As A Cooking Ingredient

CBD has an approximate 160-180°C (320-356°F) boiling point. If you are cooking with CBD with temperatures that are higher than the boiling point, then the compounds will likely be degraded and lose some of its potency. When are cooking with oils that are infused with CBD isolate, use lower temperatures when cooking it.

Oil Infusion 

You could also infuse your isolate into your carrier oil of choice, be it olive, grapeseed, or MCT oil, to create a precisely-measured, custom cannabidiol oil that you can take sublingually. 

Blend It with Other CBD Products To Boost Their Potency   

CBD isolate can be added easily to hemp oil supplement such as tinctures in order to increase their CBD base milligrams per serving.

Cutaneous Absorption

Make A Topical CBD Isolate Cream or Oil

CBD isolate has neither odor nor taste, so it blends wonderfully with avocado, palm, and coconut oils. After infusing your oil of choice with CBD, you can stop there and use it as a topical massage, or you can go a step further, mixing it with other ingredients to make your own skin care product. If you don’t feel like doing all that extra work, just toss it into your favorite store bought organic skin cream, mix it up, and apply as usual.

Inhaling CBD Isolate

CBD isolate can be enjoyed through all the traditional “breath-based” vehicles that its sister products in the full and broad spectrum range, including:

Vaping CBD Isolate

CBD can be delivered into your bloodstream quicker by using CBD Isolate that produces CBD-rich, pure inhalable vapor. When you vape CBD it makes it possible for the compounds to bypass the digestive tract and get into your bloodstream faster for quicker effects. 

CBD isolate has about a 180-200°C (356-392°F) vaporization point, and be dabbed or vaped using a vape pen or special water bubbler. Do you have a favorite vape concentrate already? Add some CBD isolate in order to give the concentration level and boost and maximize the effects of the CBD isolate.

Smoking CBD Isolate

Any way you prefer. Roll it into a joint or a blunt, sprinkle some into a bowl. It would not surprise us even hardly to discover remarkable results achieved by blending with smokable hemp flower for use in a standing water-pipe.

Dabbing CBD Isolate

The costliest of all methods, dabbing CBD isolate requires special dabbing equipment that can be prohibitively expensive for some, but will result in the highest absorption efficiency, possibly providing the most long term bang-for-buck out of all the common methods.

Measuring CBD Isolate

One great thing about CBD isolate is that it is easy to measure. 

An Israeli study on the potency of cannabidiol isolate versus full-spectrum cannabidiol showed that the latter was more suitable for treating clinical conditions such as anxiety and inflammation. The study also found that when pure cannabidiol is used, it could result in bell-shaped dose responses – this means that when the quantity of cannabidiol exceeded a certain dosage, its healing efficacy declined significantly. 

We recommend that you buy your isolate from companies, suppliers, or manufacturers that provide product testing results showing that the product contains no THC. When it comes to CBD isolates, this is one of the strongest indicators of quality.

It is worth noting that trace amounts of THC could provide some benefits. While it is not common, some people have tested positive during a THC test after ingesting cannabidiol hemp oil (which contains less than .3% THC), even though the amount is too small to cause impairment. 

If you get drug tested regularly, CBD isolate is a better, much safer option compared to all available methods. 

Finding Your Optimal Dosage for CBD Isolate

People are affected differently by CBD, depending on a number of different variables, including the type of condition that is being treated, and your sensitivity and size. What works for one individual might not work the same for a different person. That means when a person is first getting started with a CBD supplement program, that they need to work out what their own optimal dose is.  

It is very important to be able to accurately measure out your CBD isolate dose. It is very difficult to guess an isolate’s dose and is strongly discouraged. Being able to calculate and monitor the CBD dose easily is one of the key advantages that CBD isolates have over other types of CBD products.

The optimal dose of CBD is the minimum amount that is needed in order to feel the desired effect. Even if your body is used to taking high doses of traditional hemp-derived CBD extract and oils, you still might realize how much more calculation and care is required to introduce isolated properly into your daily health routine. For example, you might normally ingest 40 of mg of CBD oil every day. However, that doesn’t mean you should take 40 mg of CBD isolate daily. It is very important to keep in mind that CBD isolate is 99%+ pure, which means that a little bit goes a very long way. 

If you aren’t sure about CBD dosages, speak with your medical care provider. They can help you determine the exact amount of CBD isolate you should take relative to your weight, goals, and other factors. It is important to not take too much. 

Having an accurate scale at home can help to ensure that you make accurate measurements. However, be careful using kitchen scales. They often are not precise or sensitive enough to be able to measure small weight down to a fraction of one milligram.

Having a scale can not only help with measuring precise dosages but over time can also help you save money so you don’t measure your CBD isolate by the “pinch” or “sprinkle.”

Buying CBD Isolate – Best Practices

As no standards for marketing, content, or quality have been set by the FDA, it is very important for consumers to thoroughly research the products they are purchasing. A few best practices are suggested by industry experts.

  1. Purchase from providers that have their products tested by an independent third party. 
  2. Ask if their product is made with full-spectrum oil or CBD isolate. You want to have full-spectrum oil since it has more of the plant’s nutrients and compounds. 
  3. Ask about the extraction method. If it is solvent based, ask which solvent they use.