The Benefits & Uses of CBD Isolate

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Why & When to Use CBD Isolate

The benefits outlined below are based on what users of CBD has said to be the effects and impact of the plant.

CBD Isolate is essentially concentrated CBD. As such, it affords all the same benefits conferred by most other CBD products. Even so, it has developed its own set of common use cases, most of which are health-specific, centering around mental wellbeing alleviation of pain. CBD Isolate can even be given to pets (dogs and cats in particular) for the same reasons as their human counterparts.

CBD Isolate for Physical Health

For Pain Management

Like other cannabidiol varieties, CBD isolate has the power to modulate the human endocannabinoid system (B2 modulation) to suppress inflammatory cytokines responsible for signaling pain to the nervous system. When CBD is consumed regularly, neuropathic and inflammatory pain is suppressed through CB2 modulation. CBD Isolate can be precisely dosed for specific results, and long-term use may result in long-term neuroprotective benefits.

For Autism, Epilepsy & Seizures

There is mounting anecdotal evidence that properly-dosed CBD can be used to reduce the frequency of seizures in epileptic and autistic users. Studies are underway to test its efficacy at treating other serious mental conditions, even general schizophrenia.

For Nausea

One of the first health benefits claimed by both CBD and medical marijuana users was nausea relief. CBD Isolate allows precise dosing so buyers could potentially enjoy greater relief at a lower cost. It should be noted however that other cannabinoids and terpenes may have a synergistic effect with CBD Isolate, so don’t be afraid to experiment and compare.

CBD Isolate for Mental Health

For Anxiety

Lab testing on animals has shown CBD to be effective at reducing anxiety levels associated with several conditions shared by humans, including panic attacks, social anxiety, and symptoms resulting from PTSD. Obsessive-compulsive behavior has also been shown to be curtailed in some animal populations.