Growing CBD Hemp from Seed

What You Need To Know About Growing CBD Hemp From Seed

Hemp seeds can be grown for their fiber, seeds or oil. Read on to find out more about growing this increasingly popular cash crop.

How Many Seeds Are In A Pound?

The number of seeds in each pound of hemp is estimated to be 27,000. 

How Many Seeds Should You Plant Per Acre?

The number of hemp seeds to be planted per acre is determined by the specific variety and purpose for cultivation. While the oil seed variety is directly seeded at the rate of 20 to 40 pounds of seeds per acre. Having 10 to 15 plants per square feet reduces competition among plants and promotes the production of high quality seeds and oil. 

In the case of the hybrid variety, a lower number of seeds per acre are required than for the oil seeds variety. 

To promote the growth of high quality baste fibers as opposed to core fibers, the fiber variety requires 40 to 80 pounds of seed per acre. 

Storing Seeds

Farmers interested in growing hemp should know how to store excess seeds, especially due to the variations in seed production. According to the best available research, seeds should be stored in cool, dry conditions where temperatures are below 15 degrees centigrade to preserve the germination rate,

What Does The Term “Seeds Are Running” Hot Mean? 

According to the law, THC levels in legally grown seeds should not go beyond the 0.3% limit. Once this threshold is crossed, the seeds are said to be “running hot”. Any plants that are found to be “running hot” must be destroyed as per the law. 

How To Keep Your Seeds From Running Hot

Various factors can lead to a spike in THC levels in your crops. These contributing factors include the use of a new variety of seeds; subjecting plants to stressful growing conditions; and exposing plants to an extended flowering period. Dealing with these factors will help keep the harvested seeds from “running hot”. 

Feminized Versus Non-Feminized Seeds

Feminized hemp seeds, which tend to be more expensive than their male or non-feminized counterparts, have been carefully produced to remove the male chromosomes. Up to 99.9% of the plants grown from these seeds are female. 

On the other hand, about half the crops grown from non-feminized seeds usually turn out to be male. 

Dangers Of Having Male Seeds Among Your Crops?

If you are interested in producing CBD rich oil, male seeds, which grow into male crops, can negatively affect the quality of your harvest. Male plants produce pollen grains which pollinate female plants, causing them to produce seeds. This leads to a significant decrease in the CBD content of the resin produced by the flowers. 

Germination Rate 

This term is used to refer to the percentage of seeds that germinate, out of every one hundred planted. 

Regional Variations In The Germination Rate

The germination rate plays an important role when it comes to the seeding of hemp plants. Regional variations in the germination rate are mainly caused by geographic and climatic differences.