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Health Benefits of CBD Isolate for Pets

CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally-occurring chemical compound in the cannabis plant. The compound has rapidly grown in popularity due to the myriad medical benefits it offers. CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form. This compound has a host of health benefits for pets. CBD isolate is made by separating all the other chemical compounds that make up the marijuana plant. CBD isolates are available in two forms such as powder and crystals. The crystal form is less refined and can be used only by dabbing. But the powdered form can be used in a wide variety of ways. Powdered CBD isolate is the best form of CBD for your pets. This article provides information on some of the many health benefits of CBD isolate for pets.

How Is CBD Isolate Made?

CBD isolate is made from CBD-rich plants such as hemp, Cannatonic, and Charlotte’s Web. These strains of cannabis contain low amounts of THC and are ideal for extracting CBD isolate. When one of these cannabis plants reach maturity, the plant is harvested and subjected to some form of extraction such as CO2 extraction, Ice Water extraction, Ethanol extraction or Butane extraction. The extraction process will separate the cannabidiol or CBD from all other compounds such as THC, terpenes, flavonoids, and trichomes. At the end of the extraction process, you will be left with pure CBD concentration. 

The CBD concentration is refined a little bit more through a process known as Winterization. It removes the excess waxes and leaves behind 100% pure CBD concentration known as CBD isolate. Isolate is the purest form of CBD on the market. When you are buying CBD isolate for your pets, you should buy it from a trusted supplier. The extraction method isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work and time. Not every supplier is good at this process. Do your research and buy from a trusted source to get the maximum health benefits for your pet.

Health Benefits Of CBD Isolate For Pets

CBD isolate won’t get your pet high because low-THC strains are used for the extraction process. CBD isolate has all the benefits you would get from CBD. Since isolate is the purest form of CBD, it has highly effective health benefits for your pets. There is strong research to show CBD isolate can stop seizures in dogs. Here is an article that highlights a 2012 study – Many people prefer to use CBD isolate for pain relief and anxiety issues in pets. CBD isolate contains anti-inflammatory properties that will help to reduce the swelling in joints of your pet. This can lead to arthritis in pets if not treated in the beginning. 

CBD isolate has chemical compounds that work through the endocannabinoid system of the pet. This will help produce a calming effect on the pet. The product will drastically reduce the duration of seizures in dogs. It can also decrease the number of seizures seen in any given day. CBD isolate is proven to offer positive results when dealing with cancer symptoms in pets. Research shows that CBD isolate fights the cell growth of tumors. In fact, the compound will promote positive cell growth in the process. Many dogs go through periods where they don’t like to eat. CBD isolate is linked to increased appetite in pets. If your pet is having a hard time getting food, you should opt for CBD isolate to increase its appetite. There is research currently being conducted on CBD isolate’s effects on reducing neurological diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer’s in dogs.