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Merchants & Brands: Here’s What You Need to Know Before Entering the CBD Isolate Market

As anyone with a day or two of experience in the CBD marketplace can tell you, selling CBD isolate is a completely different animal than selling broad & full spectrum CBD products. Isolate buyers have very specific reasons for preferring it to mixed cannabinoid products, and your success as a supplier will almost certainly rise or fall depending on how well you understand their needs. So what are they?

Purity, Purity, Purity

Really. It can’t be stressed enough. CBD isolate buyers are unique in that the majority of them don’t simply prefer isolate to mixed cannabinoid products. They actually need them to be pure.

THC-Intolerant Buyers

The greater part of the CBD isolate markets consists of strictly non-THC consumers. Three buyer personas are common.

  1. Individuals Concerned About Drug Testing

Some people have jobs that require rigorous drug testing. Having discovered CBD to be effective at treating their physical pain or reducing mental anxiety, they are still required to abstain from all THC consumption. Even trace amounts can and do show up on a number of common drug tests. 

  1. Individuals With Allergies Or Medical Conditions

Some people are allergic to THC, or they have a medical condition that is exacerbated by its presence in their bodies. Even the smallest amount can be toxic for such individuals. It is therefore incumbent upon CBD isolate merchants to ensure that not a single molecule is present (Don’t worry. It’s quite attainable).

  1. People Who Simply Don’t Want To Get High

Some people have had bad experiences getting high. Others have never been high, and have no intention of changing that. Although the 0.3% maximum THC threshold required of all broad and full spectrum CBD products has been clinically demonstrated to be insufficient for producing a chemical high, many buyers just don’t want to chance it. 

  1. Other CBD Isolate Buyers & Markets

While the primary buyer persona for CBD Isolate is an isolate-exclusive purchaser, some “cross-pollination” does occur downstream from the full & and broad spectrum markets. Typically, these consumers are already somewhat knowledgeable about the differences in product types, and are often approaching CBD Isolate out of curiosity. 

Additionally, there are the new buyers who have also done a bit of homework and have decided they want to try CBD on its own without any other cannabinoids, including (often especially) THC.

Finally, there is an already-appreciable and continually growing market for pet-suitable CBD goods. Many first-time buyers opt for a pure CBD option before going broad spectrum in order to observe the effects of CBD in isolation before adding other components to the mix. Conversely, long time buyers just discovering CBD isolate are often as curious about their respective difference in effects for the non-human members of their tribe as they are for themselves. As we discuss elsewhere on this site [link to “CBD Isolate Markets 3 – Pets”], veterinary studies [link to the study in the “pets” article?] have shown medical promise for CBD isolate in the treatment of various diseases and maladies that afflict mammals in general, dogs and cats in particular.

Less information is available on the effects of broad/full spectrum CBD on non-human mammals.

Winning Customer Trust

Whether for necessity or novelty, all CBD isolate buyers expect an absolute 0% THC cannabinoid profile. How do you guarantee this for them? 

There are 2 things every CBD isolate buyer needs from you before they will commit to a sale: Education & Evidence 

Education for knowledge. Evidence for proof.

  1. Education Dispels Fear

Knowledge is to fear what scissors are to tape. Buyers need to know how CBD is isolated and why they can trust that it works. Oh, and you can’t be boring about it.

Though often more savvy than the average novice hemp consumer, most CBD isolate consumers are not well versed on the “how” of isolate production. That is, education is needed around CBD extraction and how — when done properly by experts with high quality, accurate equipment — will guarantee perfect purity of the end product.   

  1. It’s All Down To Extraction

 This is a concern because those who buy CBD oil often do not want to get high, may have a medical condition that will be exacerbated through the use of CBD, or are concerned about failing a drug test at work. All of these are very good reasons to make sure you’re getting what you paid for. Part of how you can feel confident that you’re getting the right thing is that many retailers who sell CBD oil can get in a lot of trouble if they let out a vile that has a THC concentrate in it. If that isn’t enough to lesson your concerns, maybe learning about how cannabis oil is created and separated from the THC will ease your concerns. 

Explain the Extraction Process 

There are two common ways to extract CBD isolate.

  1. CO2
  2. Ethanol

Natural Methods

CO2 Extraction: The Most Common Approach 

Obviously, the main way this method works involves the use of CO2. This chemical has the power to extract other chemicals, such as separating CBD from THC. The Carbon Dioxide is put under very high pressure while also being at an extremely cold temperature which allows it to extract CBD oil from THC. This is not a do-it-at-home method by any means. Expensive equipment and operator payroll costs for make them prohibitively expensive for many startups, but are still the most effective way to ensure all THC is removed. 

Ethanol Extraction: An Affordable, Aggressive Solution

Alcohol can also be used to separate THC from CBD. This usually results in a mixture that is best for vaping. This method is effective for dissolving the molecular bonds of THC in the initial pressing, while leaving pure CBD molecules in tact. The process also destroys plant waxes, which may have synergistic health benefits when used in conjunction with CBD. 

Proof Is The Only Assurance

Make sure every CBD isolate product you sell comes with a complete certificate of analysis from a reputable laboratory; ideally one with industry experience and a strong reputation for quality.

Don’t expect buyers to automatically know you’ve got a great lab backing you up. Unless they have specialized industry knowledge or some personal experience with the lab in question, the certificate only serves for CYA. 

Tell them why you trust the lab you’re using, and why your customers can too. 

Give A 100% Guarantee

Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it’s doable. Yes, it’s required. 

  1. Legal Requirement

The law expects you to get THC levels at or below 0.3% THC every single time, so you’re already thinking “no exceptions” on one front. Simply reset the threshold to 0% and add the following two “L’s” to your 3 reasons, next to “L.”

  1. The Loyalty Edge

We’ve saved the most important for last. Bottom line is it has to be about your buyers. If you want them to love, and not merely like your product, you have to genuinely care about them. The human brain can process and interpret emotional inputs at just shy of light speed. Put it another way, you can’t BS the soul.

And you don’t bounce back easily from a breach of trust. Likewise, loyalty is a thing that, once gained, cannot easily be broken. 

People want truth, and they want to trust. To the utmost of ability, be that brand.  

If you’d like to know more about CBD product positioning and brand visibility for your CBD isolate product, read on. Or drop us an email to set up a consult. In the meantime, here’s to your growth, to your goals, and to your success.