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Musical Chairs

The amount of hemp planted in the United States skyrocketed between 2019 and 2020 – nobody knows for sure how much went in the ground yet – and while that’s good news for the industry as a whole, there’s one big problem with it.

There aren’t enough places to process it.

Processing facilities take longer to spring up than farms, and the industry as a whole is scrambling to keep up with the pace of seed going into the dirt. It’s already clear that this season, not everyone who planted hemp will get a place in line to process it – meaning we’re in a bad game of Musical Chairs.

Many farmers who got into hemp for the first time jumped without a chute, so to speak: they planted without a plan for how to sell their end product. Since very few farmers are part of an integrated system, and almost none have a pre-existing market for their flower or biomass, that leaves too many good hemp farms hanging. It’s a tough lesson that a lot of people are learning this year.

If you have hemp coming down that isn’t spoken for, reach out to us – Clone Connect is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of biomass and flower, and currently ranks #2 in the US in the search for “buy cbd biomass”. Don’t let your crop go to waste!

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