Getting StartedCannabis Seeds VS Clones: Pros & Cons

Cannabis Seeds vs Clones

When it comes to hemp flower, you cannot tell whether it comes directly from cannabis seeds or clones (this includes hemp seeds and hemp clones). Yet, the process of growing plants into flower is different for both methods, each with their own pro’s and con’s.

Before you decide to seed or clone, let’s explore each method to determine which is best for you.

The Case for Clones

The common theme of any argument in favor of cloning is there is more guarantee of what you’re getting (so long as you’re buying from trusted sellers). Yes, it is more difficult to grow a plant from clone versus seed, but with its shorter cycles and ideal conditions for limited space, it makes it worth the effort.

It is important to note that cannabis is an annual plant. For that reason, it is worth knowing the age of your clone so you understand the likely yield. A clone from a mature plant that is aging can result in a lesser yield, so do your research.

Pros of Cloning:

  • Ideal for the indoor grower (shortens grow cycle a month)
  • You know what strain you’re getting
  • You know what yield you’re getting
  • Guaranteed gender
  • Can quickly be grown into a mother and re-cloned
  • Can grow in limited space

Cons of Cloning

  • More difficult to grow
  • Possible genetic drift
  • No phenotype variation
  • Not easy to be transported over long distances (need to be watered)
  • Susceptible to disease from the mother plant it came from
  • Can be sensitive to new lighting conditions and new nutrients

The Case for Seeds

Perhaps the greatest argument for seeds is that their plants are capable of growing their own tap root, where clones cannot (they can only produce a fibrous root system). With seeds, the roots grow first and then the leaves. This root volume will determine the yield of the plant. And because clones cannot grow these tap roots, they’ll likely never be as strong as plants grown from seeds and yield less flower.

Pros of Seeding

  • Not susceptible to mildew, bugs, mites
  • Better for growing outdoors
  • Can cross strain
  • Can be saved (don’t need to grow right away)
  • Higher yields versus clones
  • Easy to transport over long distances

Cons of Seeding

  • Extra 4-6 weeks grow time vs clones
  • Not all seeds will germinate
  • Risk of non-feminized seeds
  • Costs can add up quickly
  • Can’t predict plant size or yield

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