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Buy Hemp Seeds for Your CBD Needs

If you are looking to make CBD and are considering buying hemp seeds instead of CBD clones or hemp clones, please call us at the number below, or contact us via email to order from trusted operations that Clone Connect has personally vetted.

Call us at 610-585-3519 to order trusted, feminized CBD seeds

CBD is a rapidly emerging product stemming from the cannabis industry because of the number of health benefits it can offer and it’s legal acceptance across the country. And in order to meet its growing demand, more and more cultivators are looking to enter the arena of supplying various forms of CBD.

To make CBD, you can either grow hemp plants via seeds or clones, or you can grow marijuana plants high in CBD via seeds or clones. To learn more about what method may be best for you, visit our seeds vs clones informational page.

If you do decide to go the route of hemp seeds, we won’t be offended (you know, we’re named Clone Connect for a reason) and we still want to ensure you get seeds that you can trust.  Too many seed banks will promise feminized seeds, only to toss in male seeds to stretch their supply and sell to more buyers. Luckily, Clone Connect has also vetted supplies of CBD seeds and we are confident that their product is just what you need to start growing healthy, high-yielding plants.

Clone Connect is a Proud Member of the National Hemp Association