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Looking for Cannabis Seeds Instead of Clones?

Whether you are looking to grow marijuana or hemp, you have your choice of starting from seed instead or clone. Should you go the seed route, you’ll have your choice from plenty of seed banks found online, and in most cases they will ship to you if cannabis is legal in your state. But these seed banks are no different than their clone selling counterparts: you run the risk of not getting what you expect.

Seed banks may promise you feminized seeds, but some may throw in males to save females and increase their sales. This is similar to how street drug dealers who dilute their product so that they can sell more. The end result for the buyer, is a less likelihood of growing successful female plants that will flower. This is not to say that all seed banks are bad, but finding one you can trust can be time consuming and a gamble. 

We may be a marketplace for clones, but one of  our core values at Clone Connect is to do the right thing. And because know that some of our potential clone customers are also considering seeding, we want to ensure they get quality product that they can trust.

If you are considering buying seeds instead of clones, please call us at the number below, or contact us via email to order from trusted operations that Clone Connect has personally vetted

Call us at 916-836-8776 to order trusted, feminized marijuana seeds

About Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis is a plant where the male and female reproductive organs are found on separate individual plants. The female plant has to be grown separate from its male counterpart, otherwise the mother cannot produce seedless flower that is potent (which is necessary when selling bud). Although they must grow apart, the female plant cannot reproduce unless it is pollinated by a male plant.  And once this happens, the female will produce seeds and then eventually die when the seeds mature. Those seeds will either be left in the ground to grow into new plants, or they can be collected and harvested.

Marijuana seeds have a genetic makeup and specific traits that come from both its mother and father plant. Because the process of creating an identical plant through seeds isn’t easy, most growers will plant a lot seeds at once and wait for the plants to grow to determine which plants are best in terms of yield, potency, strain accuracy, etc. Once they determine their best plants, they’ll cut pieces of them to clone and flower.

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