Buy Autoflowering Seeds

Buy Autoflowering Seeds

For a Faster Harvest, Consider Autoflowering Seeds

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No matter its size or age, a cannabis plant (both marijuana and hemp) switches from its vegetative growth to its flowering cycle when it’s daily light exposure is reduced to 12 – 14 hours. This is known as the photoperiod.  With autoflowering plants, the vegetative stage to flowering stage happens automatically and you can expect a harvest in roughly 10 weeks from seeding.

If you live in an area with shorter/cooler summers and wet autumn seasons, you may want to consider autoflowering seeds. If you plant them in the early spring, you can expect the plants to flower during summer when days are longest and more light is available.  Autoflowering seeds are also advantageous to those cultivators growing outdoors in cities where the artificial lights would typically stress a regular plant.