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The Caribbean and South American climate is unique in the hemp world for a single reason: the ability to grow year round. Ask any grower in the continental US if they wish they could grow three or four times a year; they’d love to, but the climate doesn’t allow for it (unless you’re in a greenhouse, which limits acreage).

The climate isn’t an issue in the tropics – not in the same way, at least. What you gain in annual sunlight you give back a bit in terms of rainfall; hemp, being a weed, is resilient and will grow almost anywhere, but the wet and rainy climate in the tropics complicates things.

That’s where Autoflower comes in.

It’s sturdier, shorter, and can handle the heat, so to speak. Aside from the hardiness of the plant, by far the biggest advantage of an autoflowering varietal is the ability to grow multiple (four) times per year. There’s also less work per day for the same results.

Clone Connect has a large supply of the best autoflower cultivar on the market, at the best price. We’re also speaking at the Latin American Hemp Summit in Uruguay on November 8th.

Growing in the Caribbean or Latin America? Let’s connect.