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Hemp Flower

Two varieties of the same plant are hemp and marijuana. The hemp flower also referred to as the hemp bud or CBD bud, comes from a cannabis plant with strong CBD and very low THC levels (0.3 percent or less, as is federally mandated). So, while a plant of hemp can look similar to a plant of marijuana, it functions very differently from marijuana in its cultivation and application.

Why CBD Hemp Flower Enthusiasts Trust Us?

Selling the most reliable and fresh hemp flower and relevant products on the shelves, we are the right option for hemp growers because we are the number one source of certified hemp buds in the industry. At Clone Connect, you will find THC and CBD less than 0.2%. Working with the mission to use the broad power of the internet to connect hemp lovers and solve their issues in the industry.

What is an Industrial Hemp Flower?

“Industrial hemp” is just a more specific synonym of “hemp” with regards to its various applications.The use of industrial hemp has grown over time into a much broader range of products from health foods, organic body care, fashion, building materials, biofuels, plastic composites and more.

Quality Assurance At Clone Connect

At Clone Connect, you will get 100% pure and fresh wholesale CBD flowers since we prefer super quality. All the forms of smokable hemp bud and others are available with a 100% guarantee of purity and freshness. Hence, our team offers a huge collection of hemp clones for sale.

1) Third-Party Lab Tested

All our hemp bud products for sale are 3rd party lab tests and we deliver every order with the certificate of analysis to make sure the quality of the premium hemp products.

2) Organic Practices

These CBD rich hemp buds are grown using organic farming methods. The soil processes are organic certified because we do not use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, chemical herbicides, and other chemicals.

3) Small Batch

We give attention to the production and drying practices of the hemp buds especially. These are hand-trimmed, 60 days cure, and slow dried. You will find the same as traditional high THC strains. Attain your sweet spot that is formed with the wholesale CBD flower.

About Hemp Products

We welcome our clients to purchase smokable hemp flowers in our marketplace. Enjoy the best and safe smoke and infuse your own recipes. We bring these flowers from the farms directly and these organically harvested flowers are lab-tested and licensed at 23% CBD.

It is a wonderful opportunity for the products manufacturer and hemp bud growers since, in order to purchase hemp flowers of the best quality, customers require an accent on different factors like concentration, purity, and strength. Here at Clone Connect, we sell hemp buds rich in CBD, and there are hemp clones for sale. All the hemp products are stored and preserved in a safe environment.

What Does Our Hemp Flowers Do?

In the CBD industry, the quality of the products and manufacturing depend on the quality and production practices of the hemp flowers. Therefore, we always prefer to satisfy our clients by providing them the solid, powerful, and 100% pure wholesale CBD flower.

We all know that our harvested smokable hemp flower should help you attain your sweet spot without any hassle. These are used to get relief from anxiety, cognition improvement, and relaxation. On the other hand, there is a great demand for these flowers for offering a sense of full-body cool without inducing an intense effect on the mind and body of the users. In this way, it is suitable for those who are sensitive to the high levels of cannabis.

Tired Of Finding The 100% Pure Hemp Flower?

In the present day, the correct choice of useable basket products like smokable hemp buds is one of the major considerations of modern users across the globe. Similarly, there are different issues in harvesting organic and pure hemp buds. To handle this issue, we provide hemp clones for sale for the farmers and CBD products manufacturers since people have deep concern about the pure products.

With different brands, they are not satisfied so we offer guaranteed and 100% pure wholesale CBD bud at affordable rates. We always prefer client satisfaction because we give value to our clients.

History Of Hemp Flowers In USA

Hemp was utilized widely by the United States during World War II to make uniforms, canvas and ropes. Much of the hemp utilized was produced in Kentucky and the Midwest. During World War II, the U.S. created a short 1942 film, Hemp for Victory, advancing hemp as an essential yield to win the war. U.S. farmers participated in the mission to build U.S. hemp production to 36,000 acres of land in 1942. Prior to the war effort, this growth amounted to more than 20 times the production in 1941.

In the United States, Executive Order 12919 ( 1994) distinguished hemp as an essential public item that ought to be accumulated.

“2014 Farm Bill and 2018 Farm Bill”

With the enactment of the 2014 farm bill, which allowed “higher education institutions” and state agriculture departments to cultivate hemp under a pilot program as long as state legislation approved it, the hemp industry in the U.S. received a boost. In addition, the 2014 bill defined an industrial hemp definition, legally placing the THC level in the U.S. at 0.3% on a dry weight basis.The 2018 farm bill went several steps ahead and legalized the production of hemp as an agricultural commodity while removing it from the list of controlled substances and all our goods comply with the US Farm Bill, below 0.3% THC & CBD.

Methods For Storing Hemp

  • Lower Temperatures
  • Airtight storage containers
  • Limit UV light
  • humidity control
  • Ensure Clean Storage
  • Proper Oxygen Levels

Hemp Can Also Be Harvested By Hand

Although this method is time intensive and can be expensive, the optimal alternative is often hand harvesting. You can prefer to cut the plants by hand if you are growing hemp for smokable flower or CBD extraction, to ensure that you properly collect and preserve the integrity of each bud.

Hemp Flower Is Natural !

Indeed, hemp flower is naturally occurring, it’s the result of a completely vegetated female hemp plant. Once the hemp plant has vegetated blossoms like any other plant, as we get rose petals with roses and petals or seeds with sunflowers, with hemp it would be the hemp flower.

Hemp Flower Tastes Delicious

Based on how it is processed and the way in which you consume, it has a number of different flavours. If it didn’t taste halfway good, smoking a hemp flower would make no sense. So, it’s no wonder that most clients say that the biggest reason they love smoking hemp is that it tastes so amazing.

Benefits Of Using Hemp Products

  • Anticonvulsant
  • Anti-Cancer/Anti-Tumor
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Anti-Psychotic
  • Pain Reliever
  • Antiemetic
  • Anti-Acne
  • Anti-Diabetic
  • Promotes Cardiovascular health
  • Won’t get you high
  • Relatively Affordable
  • Delivers Higher Bioavailability
  • It’s Legal

Smokable Hemp Flower

The herb or bud of the hemp plant grown specifically for smoking is the smokable hemp or CBD flower. In the flower of the plant, cannabinoids such as CBD are present in greatest abundance, so while CBD oil can be derived from the whole plant, smokable hemp is all about pure and rich CBD concentrations.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds sometimes called “hemp hearts” are actually part of the hemp plant and are nuts that can be eaten raw or can be used to produce milk, oil, cheese substitutes, or protein powder. These may Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease. The seeds or oil May Benefit Skin Disorders.

Products That Can Be Made From Hemp

  • Beer
  • Sunscreen
  • Milk
  • Shoes
  • Ropes
  • Clothes
  • Soap
  • Hempcrete
  • Hemp Sports Car
  • Paper
  • Protein Powder
  • Diapers
  • Fuel
  • Supercapacitators
  • CBD Oil

Clone Connect Provides-

  • FREE SHIPPING for bulk orders of 1 pound or more
  • Consistent Superior Quality
  • Parametric Crop Insurance
  • Slow Cured, Seedless & Hand Trimmed
  • Organically Grown

Clone Connect’s Mission

In order to minimize the risk and ensure that you buy from a laboratory-tested, competent, reputable source, Clone Connect has carried out the exhaustive work of vetting industrial CBD and CBG hemp cultivators.

Every strain we carry comes with a current COA, or Certificate of Analysis, containing CBD and Δ9 THC levels, and more. In any order, you will always know what strains you get, and their chemical and cannabinoid profiles.Trust Clone Connect to always deliver the region of San Diego county and nationally superior bulk hemp flower!

We render:

  • AOSCA / GCIA Certified, lab-tested, feminized, high-yield industrial CBD/CBG hemp seeds, seedlings, and clones
  • Bulk, smokable CBD-rich hemp flower to customers across the United States
  • Weather-Based Hemp Crop Insurance, to protect growers’ investments

It is our motive to use the internet’s immense capacity to bind individuals and solve hemp industry problems. The team at Clone Connect is ready to assist, whether it is a farmer looking for perfect, trustworthy genetics, or a retail shop looking for a steady supply of high-quality crop, or even a newcomer to hemp looking for knowledge and advice. Join us on our journey!
Our mission to remove uncertainties and lack of accountability spans the entire hemp space and we will not quit until we do so. We genuinely believe that industrial hemp is a game-changer, the uncommon kind that we can all benefit from, and the kind we sorely need, if we’re honest.

Regarding our team? We’re environmentalists. We’re dreamers. We’re repairers.

We’re Clone Connect!